Get Entertained at Le Frenchy

Get Entertained at Le Frenchy

Dubai – October 11, 2018: Le Frenchy, the quintessential French restaurant and bar offering up wholesome portions of affordable French home-cooking and a wide selection of grape and hops in a convivial environment, welcomed friends for a magnifique party full of great food, endless fun, and inimitable French flair.

There is something for everyone at Le Frenchy, as the traditional flavours of French hospitality blend effortlessly with the contemporary rhythms of Dubai’s energetic nightlife. Life is for celebrating and c’est la vie at Le Frenchy. Expect plenty of pleasant surprises because Le Frenchy’s raison d’être is making sure each and every guest goes home with a smile from ear to ear. With themed offerings such as Happy Sundays, Soirée Terroir Français, Le Soirée Français, Urban Night, and much more, guests have outstanding options to choose from every night of the week.

Happy Hour
Le Frenchy wants guests to laugh, joke, and be happy, parce que sans happiness, everyone would be like des robots, and not des robots like mes talented amis, the daft punks – they are the happiest chaps you could ever meet, underneath those helmets. Guests should experience la joie that comes from Le Frenchy’s Happy Hour. Savour joie by the double with our Buy 1 Get 1 Free offer on selected drinks every Sunday to Thursday from 5PM to 8PM. Such an offer will make you as happy as a Frenchman at the World Cup.

Happy Hour:
Sunday to Thursday
5PM to 8PM
Buy 1 Get 1 Free on selected drinks

Happy Sundays
Returning to work on Sundays can sometimes make you feel en-Seine, but you must not worry, mes amis, because Le Frenchy has the perfect remède to fill your glass with plaisir and put le bonheur dans l’air with 2 pour 1 on selected beverages tout la nuit. Trust this Frenchman when I tell you, the rest of your week will thank you for it.

Happy Sundays :
2 for 1 on selected drinks all night

Soirée Terroir Français
Le Frenchy will not stand for such silly things like les Monday bleus. You must not fall victim to le terrible slump! We all know the best way to beat your Monday bleus is by transforming your mood to relaxed and transporting your taste buds to a bistro beneath Le Tour Eiffel as le chef serves you a very special dish of 100% authentic French cuisine. We’ll have you feeling like a local Parisienne in no time.

Soirée Terroir Français:
Enjoy a carefully chosen, authentic, 100% French dish each week

Le Soirée Madame (Ladies Night)
Le Frenchy believes in celebrating les femmes parce que les femmes make the world go round. France’s history and culture have been shaped by the influences of women like Joan of Arc, Marie Antoinette, Coco Chanel, and Brigitte Bardot, and at Le Soirée Madame every Tuesday, we celebrate you – les femmes who shape Dubai. With 3 complimentary drinks from 8PM to 12PM pour les ladies and resident DJ Andy Newton blasting les hits commerciaux, Le Frenchy knows how to add that certain je ne sais quoi to the middle of your week.

Le Soirée Madame:
8PM to 12PM
3 complimentary drinks for ladies
Commercial hits from resident DJ Andy Newton

Le Soirée Français (Made in France)
Maybe you did not realise before now, and this is no faux pas, but Le Frenchy really adores France. From my beautiful beret and magnifique moustache, to my love of exceptionnel French music, everything about Le Frenchy is en hommage to my homeland. On Wednesdays, you can discover your love for all things French, as Le Frenchy invites you to celebrate the wonders of France with a fantastique selection of musique and a wonderful assortment of French grape. DJ Andy Newton will dazzle on les decks, playing everything from 60s French classics to contemporary hits. Diners will receive a complimentary French aperitif to really paint the mood bleu, blanc et rouge.

Le Soirée Français:
Resident DJ Andy Newton plays everything from 60s French classics to contemporary hits
Selection of French grape on offer
Dine and get a complimentary French aperitif

Oh Là Là
Reaching Thursday in any week should be a triumphant occasion. It’s time to reward yourself and celebrate like you’ve just conquered the French Alps, crossed the Pyrennees, and swam the Seine all at once as you kick off a wild weekend with friends, family, or flying solo. DJ Andy Newton will supply the soundtrack to the start of un weekend spectaculaire at Le Frenchy.

Oh Là Là:
Resident DJ Andy Newton on the decks

Urban Night
Le Frenchy’s joie de vivre comes from mon swagger, and mon swagger comes from mon amour du all things urban, en particulier le Hip Hop. Friday nights are all about soaking up an unbelievable urban atmosphere with the best hip-hop beats and R&B music as you lose yourself to dance at Urban Night. With mon ami, DJ Andy Newton, behind les decks once more, Le Frenchy will help you find your own French swagger while you party the night away in style.

Urban Night:
Resident DJ Andy Newton plays the best in Hip-hop and RnB music.

Soirée Grape et Cheese
A very wise Frenchman (mais is there any other type?) once said, “Dessert without cheese is like a beauty with only one eye.” Ah oui, le fromage – a delight we Frenchmen know only too well and a pleasure that multiplies immesurably when accompanied by the perfect glass of French grape. At Soirée Grape et Cheese, Le Frenchy treats you to a free glass of wine when you choose from our outstanding selection of cheese. C’est incroyable!

Soirée Grape et Cheese:
Order a selection of cheese and get a free glass of grape

Le Brunch on Fridays – Coming Soon

Opening hours: 5PM – 3AM
Location: 1st floor of Marina Byblos Hotel, Dubai.
Find out more at
For reservations and enquiries, email or call 04 449 8051

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About Le Frenchy
Le Frenchy is Dubai’s quintessential French restaurant and bar, offering up wholesome portions of affordable French home-cooking and a wide selection of grape and hops in a convivial atmosphere. With a total capacity to cater for 130 guests across its dining and bar areas, Le Frenchy’s carefully crafted menu is full of affordable, flavour-filled, and generously portioned dishes that honour France’s culinary traditions, while maintaining an unmistakable contemporary French flair. The brewery-style bar acts as the venue’s focal point, boasting an assortment of fantastic French grape, hops, aperitifs, and much more. Located on the 1st floor of the Marina Byblos Hotel, Le Frenchy is the ideal location to cherish time with family, laugh along with friends, or dance the night away, while rocking your most stylish French beret of course.

The Frenchman behind Le Frenchy
Ambitious French restaurateur Kevin Sachy is one half of the successful father and son team behind two of Casablanca’s most popular F&B venues, Le Trica and L’Atelier Thai. Kevin grew up on the sun-soaked French Riviera in St. Tropez, and has amassed over sixteen years of F&B industry experience, predominantly in management and co-ownership roles with his beloved father. He is eager to give the people of Dubai a true taste of French cuisine and hospitality, with plenty of personality, but without pomposity. Each decorative feature in Le Frenchy has been handpicked by Kevin to incorporate the passion French people have for family, food, and fun. Le Frenchy is the embodiment of all that Kevin holds dear about his country, his culture, and his childhood. It is a truly welcoming bar and restaurant that excites people and promotes the unrivalled spirit of France.

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