For Fall/Winter 2018, attitude is everything, and it’s all about showing independence: the kind she revels in when she only has to answer to herself.



The Sandro woman plays with time and space. Uniting opposites while maintaining her cool attitude is her favorite game.

For Autumn-Winter 2018, she’s still a Parisian at heart, but she’s letting instinct alone guide her, and she’s putting her style together with all the ease  that freedom brings.

And the Sandro woman isn’t short on style. The way she looks back on the past helps her turn a new leaf.

She plays with masculine sportswear and vintage workwear themes. Workers’ overalls are transformed with thick ribbed velvet in faded indigo. The iconic denim jacket is lengthened with quilted small squares.

An oversized velvet down jacket, striped side band trousers, and nineties-inspired graphic knits turn sporty inspirations into luxury wear. On her feet, hybrid trainers stand out.

Her jerseys proudly proclaim that it’s important to “Dream” and “Believe”: Believe in oneself and put one’s happiness first for true self-discovery..

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