Following three limited-edition, country-specific summer promotions, The Noodle House continues Asian culinary tour with all-new menu inspired by signature dishes from India, the Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia and more


Dubai, UAE – 30 September 2018: The Noodle House, the homegrown JRG Dubai chain famous for its pan-Asian menu inspired by the continent’s most popular taste hotspots, has upped its own Asian soul food ante with the introduction of several new exotic dishes to its menu.

Inspired by signature dishes from India, the Philippines, Myanmar, Malaysia and other culinary hotspots across Asia, The Noodle House’s new menu items follow hot-on-the-heels of three distinct country-themed summer menus homing in on The Philippines, Taiwan and South Korea. And now the much-loved Noodlers have taken the brand’s fresh flavours and powerful aromas one step further by crafting creative new dishes that hail from all corners of Asia.

Working with The Noodle House’s team of Asia-wide kitchen staff, Brand Chef Stefan Borchardt has created a melting pot of flavours comprising new street food, baos, wet noodles, Umami and delectable desserts. Many of The Noodle House’s classics keep their place on the revamped menu and are also available on the chain’s dedicated home delivery menu.

Street Food
From the hawker stalls of Singapore to the stands of Bangkok’s busy streets, there’s no denying Asia’s street food is as delicious as it is varied. Guests can start their meal with a kick thanks to the new Crispy Chilli Chicken – spicy chicken strips tossed with onion and chillies. An Indo-Chinese dish developed by the Chinese community living in Kolkata for over a century, the dish augments the original Chinese seasoning and cooking techniques with Indian spices. Kati Rolls – delicious vegetarian Indian-style paneer wrapped in a roti together with onion, capsicum and chilli – also join the menu, while Mandu dumplings and the Filipino-inspired Kwek Kwek – quail eggs coated in a crispy batter served with sweet soy dipping sauce – also enter the fray.

These little steamed buns of happiness are a quintessential part of Asian cuisine and come filled with every kind of meat and vegetable you can imagine. Two new versions are available at The Noodle House – the Duck Bao featuring crispy pulled duck with hoisin sauce, mango and cucumber; and the Vegetable Tempura Bao, which is jam-packed with pak choi, capsicum, black fungus, wing beans, leeks and chili sauce. Seafood lovers fear not, as the popular Softshell Crab Bao is retained from the old menu.

Wet Noodles
Inspired by one of the most popular beef noodle soup shops in Taipei, which serves eight different kinds of wet noodles – one with a whopping $325 price tag, the Jade Buddha Bowl comes at a price that won’t break the bank. Tender veal slices are served in a rich broth with noodles, mushrooms and lotus root for the ultimate in Asian comfort food. Mohinga noodles, a rice noodle and fish soup which is an essential part of Burmese cuisine, was traditionally eaten for breakfast but is available at The Noodle House throughout the day.

Asia’s powerful fifth taste, Umami, comes to the fore on the new menu with dishes such as Ikan Bakar, Indonesian charcoal-grilled seabass perfect for a light lunch; Bibimbap, one of the most popular Korean bowls comprising warm white rice topped with vegetables, chilli and pepper paste with the optional addition of beef ribs and fried egg; and Kare Kare, a well-known aromatic dish from Pampanga, Philippines that is a part-stew and part-curry served with sautéed vegetables including eggplant, mushrooms, pak choi and pumpkin in a peanut sauce.

Your Soul in a Bowl
Fancy yourself a bit of a noodle connoisseur? You can now design your own bespoke bowl of steaming deliciousness for just Dhs58, with a choice of 7 types of noodles along with different stocks, sauces, protein and vegetables, with more than 600 variations to choose from.

Two new desserts include the Japan-inspired Rising Sun-dae, a lemongrass and lychee sorbet on top of coconut sponge, topped with mango passionfruit puree and whipped cream; Über Fleche, a Filipino-themed dish that combines Tres Leches with purple yam, ice-cream, honeycomb and caramel sauce; and a brand-new Ube-flavoured ice-cream. Fans of the ‘Coconut Pandan Crème Brulee’ and the ‘Baked Cotton Cheesecake’ fear not, as these treats can still be enjoyed through home delivery.



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