Al Mashowa launches new authentic Emirati menu

Al Mashowa launches new authentic Emirati menu

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 30 September 2018: Authentic Emirati restaurant Al Mashowa at City Walk is inviting Dubai’s gourmets to sample its brand-new selection of authentic Emirati delicacies. Inspired by traditional recipes used in local households for generations, the menu features over 75 dishes.

Diners can start the unique culinary journey with a crunchy vegetable samosa served with spicy tomato dip, or rocca and mango salad with chopped onions and lime dressing. A must-try among the appetizers is bzar prawns – sautéed prawns with spinach, flavoured by a special Emirati spice mix and complemented by a tomato and date dip.

Signature mains include Emirati machbous – rice with spicy tomato sauce and a choice of kingfish, sheri, prawns, lamb or baby chicken – as well as Emirati marak and Emirati tahta, popular dishes prepared from fresh local ingredients using traditional slow-cooking methods.

Meat lovers can choose from harees, chicken or lamb kebab, lamb chops, lamb thareed and Al Mashowa Meat Platter. The eatery also offers a variety of seafood dishes, such as batata semach, semach magli and the famous Al Mashowa Seafood Platter.

Among the highlights of the dessert menu are Efala’h Al Mashowa – a selection of traditional Emirati sweets including khabeesa, asidat al bobar, farni, sagaw and batheeta – and popular sweet dumplings lgeimat.

Every day from 8:30am to 12 noon, the restaurant serves Srood Al Mashowa, a traditional Emirati sharing breakfast that comprises balaleet, baith tamat, a fried egg, dango, bajella, white beans, olives, vegetables, a cheese platter, chammi with dates and cream, a bread basket and karak chai. A choice of savoury and sweet breakfast dishes, such as chebab, muhalla, foul and grilled halloumi with tomatoes, is also available.

Spanning over 3,620 sq ft, Al Mashowa offers indoor and outdoor seating for more than 200 diners in a casual ambience with a heritage touch, underscored by authentic local designs. The restaurant is open from 8:30am to 12 midnight on weekdays and until 1am on weekends.

Contact number: 04 820 4330
Facebook & Instagram: AlMashowa

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