RELAM INVESTMENT Promotes T-Hub, the integrated ecosystem Powered by Hetachain 3.0 Blockchain technology at the 27th World Food Exhibition Moscow

Increased international interest in T-Hub, based on the Hetachain, a 3.0 Blockchain technology, will help businesses achieve quantum leaps in performance, efficiency and sustainability

Dubai, September 25, 2018: Dubai-based RELAM Investment, a diversified conglomerate with interests in real estate, technology, oil and gas, energy, healthcare, education, sports, water, technology, agriculture, retail, food and beverage, has recently participated in the 27th World Food Moscow exhibition along with as part of the Dubai Export Development Corporation delegation.

RELAM Investment is one of the fastest growing companies in investment and its cutting-edge technologies enhance the efficiency of many industries,  such as smart banking, e-commerce, business transactions, communications, data management, investment, and automated transfers. RELAM Investment is based in the UAE with operations in Vietnam, India, as well as the GCC, Turkey, and Egypt.

The Russian business community participating in the World Food Moscow exhibition expressed great interest in adopting the integrated T-Hub system, which represents a breakthrough in e-commerce facilitation, providing integrated digital and physical services to all interested parties from various suppliers, buyers and suppliers of commercial and logistic services.

This reinforces Dubai’s position as the ideal base for cross-border trade thanks to its geographical location, excellent infrastructure and smooth operation in the private sector and government.

The integrated T-Hub system integrates key stakeholders in business and logistics operations, including ports, customs, government agencies, economic zones and industrial zones; to adopt self-operation of IT in an integrated manner to manage export, import and supply of goods. While technology enables smooth and fast logistics services, including storage and transport, its escrow accounts ensure payment for the services to all service providers as part of the business process.

The integrated T-Hub system provides a single window for both digital and non-digital services to the parties involved, from a simplified flow of services designed to meet the needs of users and aimed at their satisfaction. The company’s services are constantly growing. It currently includes services for merchants, freight lines, agents, customs agents, freighters, carriers, and licensed companies in the free zone, which include maritime services, cargo manifest services, cargo handling, cargo clearance services, billing and payment services, .

Sultan Lootah, Chairman of RELAM Investments, said integrated system delivers excellence in business and services both physically and digitally through its customer-centric strategy at the heart of its operations.

“The service is implemented on the interactive interfaces of the system, and the system is on a fast track to achieving its vision, taking into account the pace of Dubai’s growth and motivation, and we are pleased with the nature of the response of Russian businessmen, especially those involved in the trade of foodstuffs, where they showed great interest in the system, which will enable them to speed up transport and storage without constraints when we explained to them how T-Hub technology enables an integrated system for selling, buying, trading, completing transactions and online logistics services to take advantage of the development of artificial intelligence to support business and reduce costs, reduce wasted time and make operations Trade is generally more efficient, especially in the logistics sector,” he said.

Russian businessmen and investors inquired about the capabilities of the T-Hub system in automating and developing business processes quickly and efficiently, especially as businesses are now rapidly changing into digital space. They are interested in learning the details of the system’s work, such as artificial intelligence technology, languages and currencies The T-Hub system allows it to be handled.”

“We aim at introducing T-Hub to digitize business transactions and automate non-digital processes to facilitate their completion by combining all business activities into a large logistics base, connecting all suppliers and buyers of goods and goods all over the world and giving them the opportunity to take advantage of artificial intelligence technologies to provide them with a smooth Cost savings and time savings by reducing human intervention. T-Hype’s system of digital non-digital transactions supported by Hitachi has captured the interest of exhibitors and visitors,” he added.

“In order to maintain their position in the market, traders, importers, exporters, wholesalers and retailers will have to enter the commercial and digital space. This is the future. We aim to provide innovative technological solutions in line with the vision and position of the Emirate of Dubai, Accelerating steps to become the smartest city in the world and a center for international digital and non-digital trade.”

RELAM Investments aspires to be the first integrated 3.0 Blockchain system in the world to enable businesses to execute smooth and fully automated transactions through the creation of an unprecedented technology and logistics system.

The integrated T-Hub system is powered Hetachain technology and it is based on the intelligent contracts, hot storage, application store, and digital chipset-based enabling tools, as well as a range of comprehensive solutions that enhance their scalability in smart banking, healthcare, e-commerce, trade transactions, communications, data management, investment and remittances.

More than 1,516 companies from 62 countries participated in the International Food Industry Exhibition in Moscow, spread over 44 national pavilions. The exhibition was visited by 29,859 visitors from 79 Russian towns and 90 countries.

The exhibition was held at the Expo Center, Moscow, from 17 to 20 September, in which thousands of visitors and exhibitors from various sectors related to food, logistics, technology and more. For more information about RELAM Investment and T-Hub Integrated.

Editor’s Notes
About RELAM Investment
RELAM Investment is a Dubai-based diversified business conglomerate with interests in investment, innovation, technology and real estate.
The company focuses on investing in various sectors. The competitive edge of the company is to compete by differentiation and introducing new investment concepts in the region and internationally with the main hub in the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam and India.
RELAM was founded by professional businessmen from the UAE and Vietnam who work towards building international visibility, credibility and recognition for the company.


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