New show ALaan tv’

Fun and Laghter with “Nojoum Bila Hudoud Laqta Bilaqta
For entertainment and comedy lovers, ALaan TV is introducing “Noujoum Bila Hudoud Laqta Bilaqta”, which highlights the most exciting footages of the Alaan talent Show “Nojoum Bila Hudoud”.

The program features interesting conversation between youtubers who invite 1 guest every episode in order to create fun environment while watching “Noujoum Bila Hudoud”, imitating the moments experienced by the participants and the Judges in a comic and exciting manner that will attract the attention of Arab viewers,

A thriller by the famous morocan youtuber “Hamada Shroqat” who lives in Paris and Slim El Hamoumi, giving their opinion on the “Nojoum Bila Hudooud” program, which consists of 13 episodes in a comic and funny way

A unique program that delivers entertaining content in a new way.
Alaan Tv present working to produce it to attract this show to young viewers and follow them from all over the world!
The Show comes in weekly Episodes every Saturday at on Alaan Tv In Saturday 22:00KSA


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