Case3D revolutionizes Middle East real estate with Property Navigator

Case3D revolutionizes Middle East real estate with
Property Navigator

All-in-one solution to showcase unbuilt property
Allows homebuyers to check and reserve available units online

Dubai, UAE; September 16, 2018: Case3D, a real estate marketing consultancy offering property visualization solutions which help boost off-plan sales for property developers, launches a web-based apartment navigator that allows homebuyers to see available offers and make reservations online – Property Navigator.

Engaging homebuyers in every step of their journey, Property Navigator is an all-in-one solution for property developers that will allow them to differentiate themselves from competition. It is designed to reflect the beauty of the property through high quality visuals, renderings, and immersive experiences. Homebuyers no longer need to imagine what living in an apartment will look like but experience it firsthand.

Property Navigator allows potential customers to search and fully experience their future home, from viewing the building and browsing amenities to exploring their actual future apartment from any angle using their web browser. Homebuyers can zoom in the floor plans and switch to a 360 view and freely explore the intricate designs and details of the property. A cost and time-efficient presenting tool, Property Navigator is user-friendly, modular, and fully customizable – it can be incorporated onto the website and guides users throughout the presentation.

“Creating emotional and immersive experiences is what we do,” says Danilo Micić, Partner and CEO at Case3D. “The latest advancements in property tech have evolved. We have long studied the importance of emotions when it comes to the real estate market and learned how important it is to address them through luxurious aesthetics and immersive experiences. With the current state of the market, property developers must embrace these trends.”

“What comes with understanding the potential to inspire buying decisions is the expertise in architectural visualization. We have grown as a company and proved ourselves to the global market that we have what it takes. We, at Case3D, wants to propel the real estate industry forward through our innovative tools that engage buyers emotionally and deliver experiences that sell,” he continued.

Property Navigator is a combination of three different tools: 360 panorama, mobile property navigator, and a dollhouse. These tools take the homebuying experience to the next level, from a more innovative way to search for a home, allowing homebuyers to explore floor plans through premium panoramic tours, to experience living in their future home by immersing in the space using ultra-realistic, high definition renderings that display the property’s finest details.

Case3D uses cutting-edge technologies, concepts and tools to transform client’s vision to reality. Each of Case3D product can be used individually or within a customized package. For more information, please visit and follow @Case3Dcreativestudio on Facebook, or @Case3D on Instagram and Twitter and LinkedIn.


For press queries, please contact:
Sheila B. Tobias
+971 55 567 4158

About Case3D
Case3D is a global real estate marketing consultancy offering property visualization solutions. Founded in 2009, Case3D operates three branches in Serbia, UK and UAE, along with 20 affiliates that serve more than 50 clients worldwide. Case3D creates engaging, immersive, and breath-taking 3D renderings, architectural animations, virtual reality (VR) showroom, 360 panorama, mobile VR, augmented reality (AR), and Property Navigator.

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