Modest Looks for Fall – Marks & Spencer

Modest Looks for Fall – Marks & Spencer

Marks & Spencer’s AW18 Modest Collection offers curated designs across contemporary wardrobe essentials mixed with exciting and eye-catching statement pieces.

A considered approach to silhouette, fabric and colour combinations for easy-to-wear pieces with high attention to detail finishes for stylish and feminine dressing across the season. The 40-piece collection is biggest to date with Autumn and Winter collections offering defined colour palettes and silhouettes.

Rich magentas and emerald greens offer Autumnal pieces to start the season, statement pieces include a contemporary take on the shirt dress and tunic with feminine floral prints that can easily be styled with wardrobe essentials such as the high neck jersey top or legging. For a chic and versatile look, high nick dresses have been given the addition of a metallic neckline and metallic sports stripe panel detailing for a chic look with subtle sports detailing. The everyday kaftan has also been elevated for the season with signature prints and sleeve detailing to add impact to a simple silhouette.

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