Rediscover Life’s Simple Pleasures with Food that Speaks to the Soul, Connects and Creates Memories;

Newly Designed Menu Enhances the Breathtaking Coastal Views of La Mer

Simple. Honest. Accessible. Welcome the new season as Levee brings it back to the basics with a new menu that celebrates transparency and respect for food.

Practicing a philosophy that aims to connect food and community, one can enjoy the comforts of delicious Mediterranean cuisine made with passion and care, complemented by friendly service, and a calming beachside scenery. Located 5 minutes away from bustling downtown Dubai, Levee is an oasis of its own, a place to enjoy a simple meal, or a quick escape from the hectic city life.

The warm summer months was a time to reflect, hence the redefined Levee was birthed from the desire to give people an authentic experience — starting with what they taste, see, and feel from their surroundings. The new ethos backed with the collaborative efforts from talents behind the brand, resulted in a venue revamp intended to synchronize itself with the environment and its inhabitants.

Every dish element serves a purpose — whether it’s to add an unexpected crunch, surprise the palate with a heightened flavor, or bring back a nice memory, it all flows seamlessly as you enjoy each mouthful.

As we approach the cooler months, Levee welcomes its patrons and new faces in a space where good food made simple, beautiful spaces, and a serene ambiance meet in a tranquil beach side destination

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