Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development

Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development successfully conducts Innovation Management Certification training program for employees

Two-day course included three modules covering various topics about innovation

Abu Dhabi, September 8, 2018: The Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development (KFED) successfully organized a two-day Innovation Management Certification (IMC) training course that ran from September 5 to September 6, 2018 at the Khalifa Innovation Center in Khalifa University, Abu Dhabi.

The training program, which included three key modules that touched on various topics concerning innovation, was attended by 25 selected employees trained and coached to act as Innovation champions in Khalifa Fund.

According to Khalifa Fund’s senior officials, the training program demonstrates their continuing support in the UAE’s thrust towards innovation. The Fund maintains its belief that innovation is an essential driver to the organization–which remains at the core of their operations.

In fact, the Fund is currently engaged in a project that looks towards further developing its innovation strategy and framework. With this in mind, the recently concluded training session is expected to help the employees be more aware and make use of essential tools that allows innovation to thrive further within the organization, which in turn can help achieve KFED’s goals and objectives and ultimately contribute to the UAE’s growth and development.

H.E. Abdulla Al Darmaki, CEO of Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, said, “We are pleased at the successful turnout of the IMC training course that was organized for our employees. The sessions allowed participants to learn more about the significance of innovation and how to use its related tools in advancing our vision to help drive in more growth and development for the country. At the same time, the IMC training program also reflects our continuing move to further develop the skills and talents of our employees—encouraging them to adopt a work ethic based on excellence and success.”

The IMC training program is a course offering that was developed by the Global Innovation Management Institute, which is headquartered in Boston, USA. During the intensive two-day program, representatives from Sia Partners, a leading Innovation and Transformation Management Consultancy, facilitated the training sessions, which tackled key topics like the use of idea generation, the tools needed and how to apply them in creating more and better ideas.


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