Fresh, natural, unique and accessible

August 2018 Dubai, UAE — High street fashion brand, Marwa, will open its doors in Festival City Mall, Dubai, early September 2018, to offer seasonal womens wear apparel at affordable prices.

Marwa was founded in 2003, by Moroccan textile manufacturer and entrepreneur, Karim Tazi, who opened the first store on the stylish streets of Casablanca. His vision was to create a fashion concept that was both culturally and economically appealing for young women. The international success of the brand led to the first Marwa store opening in the Middle East in 2009. Competing with the likes of retail giants Mango, Zara and and Bershka, Marwa’s success has led to over 60 stores and growing, across the globe.

With each seasonal collection inspired by off the catwalk trends, Marwa intends to become the high street fashion leader in the region, with the core principle to make, ‘fashion accessible for everyone’. With creativity and innovation at heart, Marwa gathers design talent from all over the world to create pieces that are for trend-setting women seeking a “fresh, natural and unique look”. With more than 6,000 products produced each year and a fast turnaround of sought after garments and accessories, it’s no wonder the brand sells over 40,000 items per week.


Notes to Editor

Marwa store locations are strategically placed in high-footfall streets and malls globally. Its garment production is done internally or with local manufacturing facilities. On top of cost-competitiveness, Marwa’s production model provides the brand with fast reactivity to market trends and enables them to have some of the shortest lead-times to shop floor in the world.

Marwa recognises the importance of its social footprint and contributes to more than 2,000 jobs in its sector. The supply chain is managed in its warehouse in Casablanca, Morocco, which distributes products to the stores all over the world on a daily basis. To foster its development, important investments are made yearly in equipment, lean optimization and business intelligence tools.

The brand was awarded the prestigious Morocco Award for “Best Company” and “Brand of Tomorrow” in 2015, which rewards local Moroccan brands for innovation, reputation and performance.


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