“NIGHT OF THE MASKED 2018 ” will be held in Dubai October 5th

Dubai – 8/8/2018: The press conference for “NIGHT OF THE MASKED 2018 ” was held yesterday at Al Habtoor Palace Hotel (St. Regis), in the presence, of various media attend,

NIGHT OF THE MASKED 2018 ,is a Baroque masquerade party to be held on 5 October 2018 at the Al Habtoor Palace Hotel, Al Habtoor City, Dubai.




Night of the Masked 2018 (Le Rendez-vous Royal) is a Baroque Era themed grand masquerade ball to be held on the 5thOctober 2018 at Al Habtoor Palace (formerly St. Regis Dubai) in Al Habtoor City.  All guests will come in Baroque themed costumes, wigs and most importantly, masks.


Masquerade balls have become highly anticipated annual events in cultural capitals of the world such as Versailles, Venice, Monaco and New York. This year, M A V Events is bringing this extravagant tradition to Dubai, the city synonymous to innovation, luxury and excitement. There will be world-class entertainment to celebrate the era’s rich cultural and artistic heritage in music, dance and fashion. Guests will be transported to the mystique and magnificence of being in a 16th century royal banquet only for a privileged few. One night of Limited Seats.

Do you have what it takes? Go ahead. Wear a mask and reveal your true self.




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