Brand New, Super Healthy Raw Boxes from Kibsons…..

Introducing Brand New, Super Healthy Raw Boxes from Kibsons

**Eat well and stay hydrated this summer with beat-the-heat fresh raw boxes that require no cooking**


Beat the heat this summer with an exciting new range of raw boxes from leading online food delivery service,  With current temperatures hovering around the unbearable mark, it is important now more than ever to eat well and stay hydrated. Their brand-new range of super-healthy raw boxes require no cooking, which given this summer’s scorching temperatures, is perfect as we don’t need any additional heat!


Kibsons raw boxes are designed to help us fuel up with total freshness. Unbelievably healthy, they are loaded with nutrients and goodness and they include two colourful, energy-boosting juices, a refreshing chilled soup that will soothe and restore and a filling, nutritious of-the-moment salad. What’s more, each box is completely wallet friendly at under AED 40 per box.


Let’s take a closer look at what is inside:


Beetroot & Apple Juice (AED 24.25)


Featuring all of the good stuff, this juice contains antioxidant-rich beetroot, hydrating coconut water, zippy ginger and green apple for a touch of natural sweetness. A beautiful way to start your morning, simply pop your peeled ingredients into a juicer or blender and you will be well on your way to your five-a-day.


Cauliflower Rice Salad (AED 33.75)

If you are a little stuck for some dinner inspiration but are looking for something easy, healthy and delicious (aren’t we all!), then look no further than this combination of cauliflower rice, crunchy tomatoes, peppery radishes, pretty pomegranate seeds and citrusy lemon with a moreish creamy tofu dressing – it doesn’t get much better!


Cucumber Gazpacho (AED 26.25)

This healthy raw box provides a herby and spicy twist on the radiitonal no-cook cold soup. It includes cucumber, avocado, yogurt, green chilli, spring onions, lemon, mint and coriander and is the perfect summertime light lunch or dinner. Simply chop the two cucumbers and blend until smooth with the flesh from one avocado, yogurt, deseeded green chilli, spring onions, lemon juice and a handful of the picked mint and coriander leaves. Pour into two bowls and serve – pure goodness in a bowl!


Kale & Celery Juice (AED 39)

This power juice will leave you feeling completely reinvigorated, perfect for a post workout pick-me-up. It includes kale, apple, celery, parley, lime and coconut water and couldn’t be easier to prepare. Simply pull the leaves from one bunch of kale, keeping the stalks (these are great stir fried!). Put through a juicer along with two appled, celery and the parsley and lastly stir in the juice from four limes and your two cartons of coconut water. Serve over ice and enjoy summertime dreams!


All four limited edition boxes are available on until the end of August. Kibsons offer convenient,healthy and affordable products that range fromfresh fruit, vegetables, organic ranges, meat, seafood, dairy, bread, nuts, drinks, spices, oils and snacks, in addition to their newly launched smoothie boxes too.

Stock up on fresh produce that is handpicked with free delivery directlyto your door. Kibsons wholesale prices are unbeaten and offer great value for money as well as total convenience. With their huge range of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat being 100% natural and healthy with no hormones, additives or artificial preservatives, you can rest assured you are feeding yourself and your family the very best.


Living a healthier life just became a whole load easier and more cost effective too!Log onto today for all of your online grocery needs. For more information, please visit or call +971 800 5427667.


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About Kibsons:


Their core business since 1980, Kibsons offers an ever-increasing range of quality fresh fruit and vegetables from all continents. They supply a wide selection of premium produce options, organics, bulk packs, pre-packs and ready-to-eat products to a wide range of retail and wholesaler customers in the UAE and beyond. Convenience, quality and value are Kibson’s unique selling points. By controlling their own dedicated importing, warehousing, distribution, IT and customer service teams they are able to optimise product quality and ultimately improve value to thousands of private households in the UAE.


Kibsons also offers a wide range of imported and processed meat and poultry products produced in their HACCP approved facility. Historically catering only to airlines, catering companies, restaurants and hotels, their home delivery customers can now experience the same levels of product quality that they have supplied to the wholesale market for years.The meat range includes organic, hormone-free, premium and value added products to suit every taste and customer requirement.


In addition, Kibsons has a wide range of sourdough and preservative-free breads,organic dairyand eggs, portioned seafood, organic spices and oils, imported honeys andhealthy drinksavailable to complete their offering of fresh foods and to make your shopping experience even more convenient.


So, whether you are a fan of eating healthy and clean, orjust struggling to find the time to pace the local supermarket aisles, Kibsons is the answer to all of your online fresh grocery needs.


For more information, please visit or call +971 800 5427667.


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