UAE based diamond jeweller ‘Fergus James’ raises AED 1.5 million …

UAE based diamond jeweller ‘Fergus James’ raises AED 1.5 million funding for hybrid e-commerce business, to target male shoppers

UAE based start-up ‘Fergus James’ has secured AED 1.5 million in funding from local angel investors to expand its unique hybrid e-commerce diamond jewellery business. is the Middle East’s first hybrid on-line e-commerce site that offers bespoke customized diamond jewellery with up to 70% cost savings on GIA certified diamonds and high quality engagement rings.

The core target audience for the business is male shoppers who want diamond engagement rings and wedding bands, but prefer a streamlined, professional and transparent experience that removes the need to visit traditional jewellery stores and haggle for prices. offers a clear 3-step process that guarantees transparency across pricing, GIA certified diamonds and high quality customized setting options.  Fergus James is accessible globally and is complimented by the fact that customers can have their unique pieces delivered anywhere in the world.  Whilst Fergus James is predominantly online the company also has a design studio facility in Dubai that customers can visit and view some of the stunning designs that the company has to offer.

Formerly known as ‘Dubai Rocks’, the company has now launched itself internationally as ‘Fergus James’ which has massively scaled up its product portfolio and offerings and will utilize the funds to further its expansion in the USA, UK and GCC. With the millennial generation shifting from traditional ‘brick and mortar’ offerings in favor of on-line retailers and seeking ‘one off’ pieces that reflect their personalities. Male shoppers in particular, are looking for bespoke engagement and wedding rings that can be customized to their specifications without the hassle of going to different jewellers, comparing prices and seeking different settings. As well as their bespoke ring design services, offers customers over 150 designs across all price ranges on diamonds that are sourced from the De Beers Global Sightholder’s list of companies and have been subject to the Kimberly process, which is the United Nations standard for ethical diamond sourcing. Additionally, the GIA certified team of in-house gemologists at Fergus James, drive the diamond curation process, ensuring that customers get the best quality, brilliance and sparkle every time.

Fergus James is the brainchild of Fergus James Appleton, a diamond curator and jewellery trend specialist who has an ambitious roadmap to becoming the leading online retailer for custom-designed jewellery in the Middle East.  According to Fergus, the jewellery industry has been sluggish to evolve and “off-the-shelf” offerings are becoming less appealing.  “Our model is very simple.  We’re 100% focused on providing our customers with a professional honest service that guides them through the process of selecting the rings design and diamond specification that best matches their requirements. It can be overwhelming for men to shop for jewellery.  We’ve demystified and streamlined the process by providing professional guidance and advice and supplying premium quality products at a fraction of the retail cost,” said Fergus.

By expanding their focus to include the global market, Fergus James is setting its sights on the growing trend in jewelry retail, which has seen a move towards e-commerce platforms offering a comprehensive buying experience.

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