WHITE MAN & WOMAN keeps expanding by betting on WHITE STREET MARKET, a brand-new section of WHITE, dedicated
to sportswear&streetwear and open to the general public. The tradeshow relies on research, quality and innovation: at Superstudio
Più, via Tortona 27, the Special Guest of the tradeshow – under the aegis of the Municipality of Milan – is Matthew Miller with his
experimental menswear; Abasi Rosborough is the Special Designer owing to a ground-breaking sartorial aesthetics; while Sagittaire
A is the Special Project, featuring a genderless deconstruction between art and fashion. Again at SuperstudioPiù, the début of the
womenswear collection SEE NOW BUY NOW di AVAVAV, the new label by Linda and Adam Friberg. The opening to the public
involves via Tortona 27 too, with the special area of IH NOM UH NIT, which will also be the protagonist of an event in the CNMI
calendar. Lastly, the collaborations with international showrooms like Vald Agency, Six London, Baltimora Studio, and Tomorrow
London Ltd, for the Athleisure project: AHEAD – The Function Room.

Watchful as ever of the market trends, WHITE, tradeshow under the aegis of the Municipality of Milan, comes back – from
16th to 18th June – with a new format: WHITE STREET MARKET, a section of WHITE open to both the buyers and the
general audience, with a selection of top brands from the sportswear&streetwear segment, winking at the Millennials. Beside
the brands with their collections, the venues at Ex Ansaldo|BASE, Tortona 54, will be spiced up by special projects, capsule
collections and a rich calendar of happenings (see press release attached), encompassing fashion, music, talks, workshops,
culture and sustainability. A true Fashion and Street Culture Festival, which will bring together the buyers from across
the globe, in Milan for the Fashion Week, and the end-consumers. An innovative and unique project in Italy, connecting
brands, insiders and end-users. Thanks to a long process of innovation WHITE MAN & WOMAN can now record a qualitybased
growth. This edition hosts 180 brands (60% of whom are international) on an exhibiting surface of 2.200square
meters on the two locations in Tortona 27 and 54, as well as a rich calendar with over 20 happenings. A development made
possible, on the one hand, through the activation of Ex Ansaldo | BASE Tortona 54 with WHITE STREET MARKET –
with the participation of prominent brands like adidas Originals, Patagonia, G-Shock, Fair Play La Martina, and a selection
of independent labels – on the other hand, with Superstudio Più, starring the MAN & WOMAN formula, staging a B2B
tradeshow with targeted menswear lines, several special projects (e.g. Athleisure, AHEAD – The Function Room, curated by
Tomorrow London Ltd) and the womenswear collections, which are increasingly catalysing attention.

«WHITE comes back with three days rich in events, which for the economy of Milan are the very emblem of the image of our city,
capable of combining culture, research, taste and innovation – explains the Councillor for Labour, Productive Activities, Fashion
WHITE MILANO – sede uffici via Tortona 27 – 20144 Milano – press@whiteshow.ithttp://www.whiteshow.it– tel 02/34 59 27 85
and Design Cristina Tajani, of the Municipality of Milan – with the new WHITE STREET MARKET format – she goes on – we
are renewing our dedication in support of the promotion of fashion and of young talents, with special focus on the Millennials and
their distinctive way of viewing fashion today, increasingly relying on co-ed menswear/womenswear collections, and experienced
through the social media and the newest formats, rather than through the traditional fashion shows. WSM combines and anticipatesall this, thanks to a constant search for new forms of expression».

«On the same page with the CNMI strategy – so Massimiliano Bizzi, founder of WHITE – WHITE keeps pushing the womenswear
during the men’s fashion week with a premium and cutting-edge MAN & WOMAN tradeshow. Thanks to WHITE STREET MARKET
(pioneering format in the Italian fashion scene), we have managed to launch a new event, capable of attracting consolidated brands,
which deserted trade-fairs long ago, like Adidas Originals, and very creative independent labels, so as to make the Tortona Fashion
District increasingly dynamic and alive, thanks to a show incredibly rich in events and open to the city. This project had managed to
bridges a gap in the fashion system, which needs to open to the general public. A need that only a city like Milan could bridge. We
have been working on this important project for months with the Municipality of Milano, Paolo Ruffato, founder of Probeat Agency,
and Walter D’Aprile, co-founder of nss magazine and nss factory».
Aiming to attract the general public, some special partners have been selected, like Club to Club, Italy’s leading electronic
music festival, which has been entrusted with the sound design of WHITE STREET MARKET and is organizing a string of
concerts with the best international artists. The cultural association Floristeria will spice up WHITE STREET GARDEN in
Tortona 27 with events and live music, so as to turn it into an aggregation point, in which music, art and food act as catalysts.
And then Sneakerness, the biggest European event for sneaker-aficionados, with a dedicated “sneakers arena”, where some of
the most prominent stakeholders in the sector will interact, while an area will be curated by WSM in collaboration with Denim
Days and House of Denim, crucible of creativity and research into denim, based in Amsterdam. Zooming in on sustainibility,
Patagonia will partake with the campaign Blue Heart, a talk and collection of signatures to give a voice to and help the
local communities protect the Balkans from over 3.000 hydro-electrical projects, thus averting the ensuing environmental
disaster. To this purpose, the brand has launched a campaign with the hashtags #SaveTheBlueHeart #TheDamTruth.
Under the banner of experimentation for a vanguard menswear, the choice of Matthew Miller as Special Guest of WHITE
MAN & WOMAN, for the first time in Milan after winning the 2017/18 International Woolmark Prize for Menswear. With
a training at Manchester Metropolitan Art School and a Master Degree from the Royal College of Arts in 2009, Miller
launched his brand in 2010, which stands out owing to an unconventional mix of sartorial elements and technical materials.
Drawing from the British tailoring culture, peppered with a dash of punk, Miller’s style is acclaimed for its rebel mood, a breath
of young and unconventional air in the sartorial universe: a combination of comfort and functionality, looking to a brand-new
formality. Miller himself has declared: «I am really thrilled to showcase my new Spring/Summer 2019 collection at WHITE during
the fashion week. On this important event, I am going to display very innovative items, produced with to the latest technologies,
recycled fabrics and accessories with new performance».

This edition of WHITE MAN & WOMAN is increasingly focused on quality, thanks to some “special presences”: prominent
fashion designers and new projects in the international fashion scene, which already stand out owning to their cutting-edge
vision, labels that can find at WHITE the ideal platform to showcase, with an unprecedented formula, their latest creations
to a global audience. Three outstanding projects at WHITE MAN & WOMAN, in the creative hub of Tortona 27 Superstudio
Più: Abasi Rosborough, elected Special Designer, Sagittaire A, selected as Special Project, and IH NOM UH NIT, with a
Special Area open to the public and dedicated event.
Abdul Abasi and Greg Rosborough, the former Nigerian and the latter Scottish, are the creative minds behing Abasi
Rosborough, brand that explores the men’s tailoring with architectural notes. At WHITE MAN & WOMAN the creative
couple is going to showcase Desert Phantom, a collection «drawing from the lifestyle of tribes like the Hopis and the Navajos,
from their mystery and their spirituality», so Rosborough; while Abasi goes on «for our special collaboration with WHITE, we
have shaped an architecture capable of conveying the ephemeral and transcendent nature of spirituality. A place conceived to
be perceived as ethereal, capable of giving life to a meditative space within the frantic trade-fair experience, while enhancing the
expressive power of the garments. We are going to dub the installation Pavilion of Clouds, and bring to Milan the subtle charm of
the desert through the scent of burnt sage, incense, and desert wind». Although the brand was founded in 2013, it has already
gathered widespread international consensus, it indeed won a nomination at the LVMH Young Designer Prize in 2017, and
was finalist at Woolmark Prize in 2016. The collections of this label are ethically produced in New York, using recycled fabrics
retrieved from NY’s storehouses. .
Conscious provocateur, with a very clean-cut vision, Sagittaire A, brand originating from a collective of creatives operating
between China and Paris, aims to be a statement against the standardization represented by the use of the logo, which
the brand has officially relinquished. Founded in 2017, yet already internationally acclaimed, Sagittaire A will parade at the
tradeshow its creations, featuring premium sartorial flair resulting from special techniques, revisited and endowed with the
expressive power of deconstruction, and sporting a genderless approach in favour of a style that explores the boundaries
between art and fashion.
Also in Tortona 27, the Special Area of IH NOM UH NIT, luxury lifestyle brand operating between France and Italy. Thanks
to its contemporary and pop vision, it has rapidly turned into a must-have brand worldwide. At WHITE, IH NOM UH NIT will
be the protagonist of an event/installation open all through the duration of the tradeshow, creating continuity with WHITE
STREET MARKET. The brand is now in the official calendar of Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana.
Among the upcoming eco-friendly brands, WRAD will be protagonist of a talk and will internationally premiere the Mint
Fiber, a fibre derived from mint. In the heart of Tortona 27, Superstudio Più, the womenswear collection See Now Buy Now
by AVAVAV – luxury eco-friendly brand launched by Linda and Adam Friberg – already co-founder of Cheap Monday –
shining a light on the increasingly closer interaction between producer and consumer ascribable to the power of the social
WHITE MILANO – sede uffici via Tortona 27 – 20144 Milano – press@whiteshow.ithttp://www.whiteshow.it– tel 02/34 59 27 85
AVAVAV – launched in 2017 – proposes an idea of sustainable and accessible luxury, a style that merges the minimalism of
Scandinavian design with the excellence of the Made in Italy. The brand fashions season-less womenswear collections, made
with scraps of fabrics and recycled premium materials to offer a solution to the problem of mass-production, and to offer, at
the same time, items that are exclusively made in Italy, in the area of Florence.
«The tradeshow – so Brenda Bellei, CEO of WHITE – always mindful of the economic/social evolution of fashion and capable of
innovating itself edition after edition, is now pushing, through White Street Market, the opening to the end-users, so as to meet the
needs of several businesses, for whom marketing and communication have become key business factors».
Next to these highlights, ONLY WOMAN returns to the spotlight in Tortona 27 Superstudio Più, the area dedicated to
the womenswear pre-collections, a phenomenon that WHITE has truly pioneered, so much so that it has dedicated to this
segment a whole section of the show, with a layout specially conceived for the event. The recent contaminations of the
official calendar of Milano Fashion Week – with the fashion shows of Alberta Ferretti, AALTO and Besfxxk, also on show at
the tradeshow – have rewarded the pioneering insight of Massimiliano Bizzi and WHITE, the only Italian show parading the
womenswear and menswear c
WHITE MILANO – sede uffici via Tortona 27 – 20144 Milano – press@whiteshow.ithttp://www.whiteshow.it– tel 02/34 59 27 85
Onwards with the collaboration with the international showrooms that have chosen WHITE and Milan as landmark event
during the menswear fashion week. At this edition Vald Agency (with headquarters in Copenhagen and Paris) presents the
collections by Henrik Vibskov, Beira and House of the very Island’s; Six London, with the likes of Dorateymur, Leandra
Medine, Rombaut and Toga Pulla; Baltimora Studio, with Ruslan Baginskiy, Kate Cate, M.I.H Jeans, Paris Texas. Plus the
Paris-based 3rdEye Showroom, with Alexandra Moura, Lala Love and Nasha Accessories, and 24 Press Room Showroom,
with Nipoaloha, Poliquant, Children of The Discordance.
To enhance the synergy with the most important players in the sector, the collaboration with Tomorrow London Ltd. For
the third time at WHITE MAN & WOMAN, the project Ahead – The Function Room, curated by Alfredo Pais Canducci
Ferreira, Executive Director of Strategy and Development, Tomorrow London Limited, which explores Athleisure under a
novel perspective: functionality. The selection of brands at this edition relies on crossbred items, combining performance and
style with a mix of innovative and technical fabrics. Functionality has also become a distinctive element of the aesthetics of
brands like: Dyne, Dyne x Save The Duck, Black Barrett, White Mountaineering, Nemen, Geym.
At this edition of the format Showroom Connection@WHITE, Elisa Gaito Showroom, Milk Showroom, Gabs Showroom
DMVB Showroom, Showroom Papaveri, Point Showroom and Pizzini Showroom, plus Asestante Showroom.
At the heart of the tradeshow sits MAN & WOMAN, the format that WHITE has designed to showcase the menswear and
womenswear collections together, a formula that has forestalled the phenomenon of the co-ed fashion-shows, namely taking
to the catwalks the menswear and the womenswear together, in a style prose capable of combining the aesthetic vision of a
brand. WHITE, which has promoted and produced this solution for several editions, has relied on a selection of very recognizable
and impactful brands, like Thom Krom, Art Comes First and Alexander Roys, down to HI ON LIFE street-couture, tailored
in Ghana and born in Sweden, the Scottish leisurewear by MC RITCHIE. Thom Krom’s collections celebrate freedom:
from the seasonal trends, from the identity bias dictated by the logo, from excessive decorations. Another wunderkind of
menswear innovation is the talented designer Henrik Vibskov, with a visionary aesthetic concept that encompasses all the
style codes: from tactile expressions to the volumes and cuts. From the heart of Europe, Alexander Roys with his collections
punctuated with high-tech notes, representing todays reality and the role of a civilization constantly getting to grips with the
tech evolution. Behind the creative project of Art Comes First there are two designers, who are already well-know among
fashion insiders: Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, both tailor-addicted and sharing the same contemporary vision.
WHITE MILANO – sede uffici via Tortona 27 – 20144 Milano – press@whiteshow.ithttp://www.whiteshow.it– tel 02/34 59 27 85
Already protagonist of a Special Event in January 2018, Chinese designer Miao Ran is back at WHITE with the eponymous
label Miaoran, and turns out to be one of the highlights of the Basement – target scenario for those looking for avant-garde
flair, both in terms of design and processing – which, over the years, has developed a well-defined identity. Among the names
in this section, we cannot fail to mention Una Design and Between, with Lucio Vanotti and M140, which have chosen WHITE
as a their buyer-oriented platform.
To complete the offer of the tradeshow, a sharp focus on eyewear and beauty, increasingly appealing segments for those
buyers who seek distinctive items to pepper the proposal for their stores. Among the brands on show, Benton, Voluspa,
Goldfield&Banks, Thoo – The House of Oud and Klairs, to mention just a few. //Delirious, by now a fixture in the WHITE
GLASSES area, is the first factory lab to have fashioned high-end No Logo glasses.
A special mention deserves the active collaboration of the tradeshow with Confartigianato Imprese and ITA (Italian Trade
Agency), to bolster the incoming of top buyers and members of the international press. Awaited at this edition: Edjer and The
Idle Man (Great Britain); Otte NY, A Ma Maniere (USA); Incu and Up There Store (Australia) and many more from Spain,
Germany and South Africa. From the international press the likes of: Globe and Mail (Canada); Pause Magazine (UK); The
Impression (United States), to mention just a few.

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