Future food security of MENA to be led by improving economic and trade ties between Arab nations, says Mariam Almheiri

Future food security of MENA to be led by improving economic and trade ties between Arab nations, says Mariam Almheiri

Dubai July 1, 2018: H.E Mariam bint Mohammed Almheiri, Minister of State for Future Food Security, said that the future food security of the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA) depends primarily on strengthening economic and trade cooperation between regional countries, and elevating these ties to newer heights, especially in agriculture and agricultural production.

“With similarities in the climatic conditions as well as in the opportunities and challenges faced by the sector in MENA, it is important to have a higher level of cooperation to benefit from the experiences of the various nations to overcome the challenges and to invest in opportunities to improve food security,” HE said.

“The UAE is keen to strengthening its economic cooperation with Egypt, especially in food security. There are strong prospects for enhancing the UAE-Egypt relations at all levels, particularly in the field of food and agricultural production,” H.E. concluded.

H.E. highlighted the opportunities for new partnerships as well as the need to activate further interest in boosting agricultural and industrial food production. In this regard, small and medium enterprises can play a significant role, especially in increasing the level of food production and trade.

H.E Almheiri expressed strong interest in strengthening partnerships between organisations in the UAE and Egypt. She said that are opportunities to expand the productive partnerships and to benefit from the unique experience of both countries in research and development related to food security.  She also called for deepening partnerships between private sector entities in both countries.

H.E’s remarks came as she concluded her strategic visit to Egypt. She toured several key facilities related to food security and agricultural production, and discussed with Egyptian top officials and from governmental and private sector ways to boost cooperation between the two countries to achieve the highest levels of future food security.

She visited Barka Ghalioun, the largest fish farm in the region that produces shrimps, marine fish and river fish. The facility produces about 6,600 tonnes of fish per cycle, and has 453 marine fish pools with 3,000 tonnes per cycle. The shrimp pool produces 2,000 tonnes; the farm has 83 pools to produce river fish Buri and tilapia, producing 1600 tonnes per cycle. The farm officials briefed Her Excellency on the working of the project, as she discussed ways of cooperation to transfer this flagship Egyptian experience to the UAE.


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