American University in the Emirates reveals the biggest Academic gift

American University in the Emirates reveals the biggest Academic gift.

A 100 Scholarships honoring the Year of Zayed
United Arab Emirates – Dubai July 1, 2018: American University in the Emirates, a higher education institution known for providing unique and creative courses, has revealed the biggest academic gift for 2018; 100 scholarships for potential students, honoring the Year of Zayed.

The news was revealed in a special press conference held at the University campus earlier today. With aims to assist students to achieve their goals, the university distinguishes itself by moving forward, adapting to new technologies and constantly utilizing innovation methodologies as directed by the founding father.
Professor Muthanna Ghani Abdul Razzaq, President of the American University in the Emirates, welcomed the guests and announced the big news amidst Board of Trustees, Faculty, Department heads and media representatives.
“We are very pleased and proud of this step that we have taken, and we hope that it will contribute to bettering the education journey for some students, who will be able to complete their education, regardless of factors like nationality amongst more.
We have been taught by our founding father, the late His highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, that this region is known for the Arab warmth and hospitality. It is only right that as an educational institution we show our share in the beliefs of our great leader in form of this golden opportunity to students.” said Professor Muthanna.
“This year, as we celebrate His Highness Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan, these opportunities will first be given to the wives and children of martyrs, followed by the scholarships that are to be granted to prisoners in form of penal institutions where they are able to access educational resources and use these to the fullest in order to better their lives.
A special grant will also be given to athletes from countries around the world. We seek to secure these aspects of our society and pave way for more people to better themselves for various job roles and learn to be responsible. As an education institute it is our duty to facilitate the way for our children and contribute to the progress of this nation all a whole.” He added.
The UAE offers all the support and encouragement to its students, citizens from all over the world in fields such as education, sports, research and other additional accredited courses. Exhibitions, conferences and seminars are welcomed throughout the academic year.
The guidelines for eligibility of the scholarships is essential. The students are required to have a good grade in their high school certificate and a certain level of English language proficiency to qualify for the scholarship. Further, they are also required to undergo tests and meet faculty in order for the university to decide on their eligibility.
This also helps to determine and identify the best possible field for the student. An important aspect for every student that qualifies would be to maintain their excellence by keeping constant a CGPA of around 3.6 approximately for undergraduate and masters programs.
The conference was followed by a lunch to celebrate the scholarships that are to be offered to students in the country, and International students too. However, this depends on the right standards and requirements met, to match the same high standards for education as in the UAE.
American University in the Emirates is located in Dubai International Academic City, Dubai, UAE.
971 4 4499 000
About American University in the Emirates
The American University in the Emirates, founded in 2006, is dedicated to being one of the leading higher educational institutions. The University is known for providing an active American educational system, with six creative colleges namely Media and Mass Communication, Business Administration, Law, Fine Arts and Design, Computer Information Technology and Education, which all cater to the current and future needs of all the dominating and niche markets. AUE is set apart by its goals that ensure that every student becomes creative, effective and productive leaders in the community.

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