La Perle to reopen this Eid, amplified, amazing and with a 40 percent discount

La Perle to reopen this Eid, amplified, amazing and with a 40 percent discount

7 June 2018, Dubai, UAE: From 13 June 2018 be prepared for things to be bigger, better and more spectacular than ever as La Perle by Dragone reopens its doors following the short break during the Holy Month.

Be one of the first to see La Perle never before as it debuts an enhanced and evolved experience from start to finish. To celebrate, La Perle is offering an awesome 40 percent discount on tickets throughout the summer, including the Eid-Al -Fitr holiday.

There’s nowhere better to celebrate the festival than watching a show that will astound, delight and captivate the whole family. It’s the perfect place to escape the warm evenings and enjoy a night out in the stunning aqua theatre. Watch in amazement as artists fly across the stage, dive from epic heights and even defy gravity on motorbikes, twice a night. See waterfalls, torrents and floods appear and disappear in the only place in Dubai where it literally rains indoors.

For those who have already experienced the magic of La Perle before, not only will they be able to spot all the incredible additions, but if they choose seats in a different location and they will witness the show from a completely different perspective.

Tickets are easily purchased from La Perle’s website: Be sure to check out La Perle’s “Deal of the Week” on the website, for epic savings every day.

Eid performances will run: Wednesday – Sunday, 7pm and 9:30pm.

Summer performances will run: Wednesday – Friday and Sunday, 7pm and 9:30pm and Saturday 4pm and 7pm.



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