RAK Hospital organizes Free Ramadan Health Camp for the holy month

RAK Hospital organizes Free Ramadan Health Camp for the holy month

Offers Dhs 2000 discount on all delivery packages during Ramadan

June 5th, 2018; Ras Al Khaimah, UAE: As part of their healthy Ramadan initiative, RAK Hospital in Ras Al Khaimah is providing complimentary health screening during the holy month. The screening, which will run until Eid, includes Lifestyle assessment to evaluate patient’s medical and family history, diet, fitness, stress and sleep dependency along with providing free blood sugar, BMI and BP tests and health repost. The screening also features health counseling which takes into account disease and stress management, ways to quit smoking, diet and exercise. Moreover, keeping with the spirit of giving, the hospital is also offering a discount of Dhs2000 on delivery packages during the holy month to support mothers who are without insurance.

Open to all residents, the health screenings takes place within the hospital premises from Sunday to Thursday, 8 pm-10pm.

“The month of Ramadan is the time for self-reflection and this includes assessing our health as well. This is particularly true for those who are fasting, since the sudden change in diet and sleep pattern requires especial discipline to avoid any kind of discomfort. Through this camp, we would like to help the people in the UAE understand their health issues better so that they take corrective measures that will provide long-term benefits. At the end of the day, the aim is to make lives easier and comfortable.

“The reduced priced delivery packages offered during the holy month also reflect the same sentiment. We understand that delivery cost can be a cause of concern for couples particularly if it’s not covered under insurance. Therefore, as Ramadan gift, we are offering this package to expectant mothers who have to pay out of their pocket and I sincerely hope that this gesture will further add to their happiness,” added Dr Raza Siddiqui.

RAK Hospital, a strong advocate of prevention better than cure, constantly engages with people in order to create awareness against prevalent health issues. The award-winning institution has successfully organized several campaigns, complimentary screenings and competitions to drive home the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle.



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