Union Coop Occupies ‘First’ Place Best Shopping Options this Ramadan

Union Coop Occupies ‘First’ Place Best Shopping Options this Ramadan

In a recently held Press Conference, in cooperation with the Ministry of Economy, it was revealed that Union Coop is the best place to shop this Ramadan…

Monday, 23 May 2018, Dubai (UAE):
The press conferences held by Dubai Retail Outlets revealed the best destinations to shop from this holy month of ‘Ramadan’, ‘Union Coop’ topped the list. The comparisons were made on the basis of total budget allocated by the Hypermarkets to reduce the prices of food products and consumer goods and the number of products that were included under the discount umbrella.

Several hypermarkets have revealed their discount schemes and offers this holy month through Social media promotions, pamphlets and flyers, which list the food products and other goods, with their discounted prices. After carefully monitoring the list, Union Coop came out to be the best outlet for shopping this holy month in terms of value-for-money products, number of discounted products and reduced prices.

Union Coop, the Retail Pioneer has invested about AED 75 million to reduce the prices of more than 15 thousand basic food and consumer goods during Ramadan, and on additional social initiatives oriented towards delighting the consumers. In addition to the existing discounts, consumers will also be able to enjoy extra savings/discounts by using their ‘Tamayaz’ loyalty card in pre-mentioned categories of products.

“Create your own basket with OPEN Basket…”
Taking a different route from the traditional practice of offering a Ramadan basket to consumers, which has a pre-decided price and consist of items determined by the outlet itself, Union Coop this year is offering Open Baskets to their consumers. Open basket will offer consumers the freedom to create their own Ramadan Basket with the products of their choice, Perhaps, with more than 15, 000 discounted products within their grasp, the basket knows no bounds. The move comes as a part of Union Coop’s effort in delighting the consumers in every way possible.

The acclaimed Majid Al Futtaim Group venture placed second in the list with approx. AED 50 Million allocated towards Ramadan deals in its UAE stores, with discounts ranging up to 70 percent on food products and 34 percent on consumer items.
Carrefour’s ‘Ramadan Basket’ ranges from AED 100 to 200, with the first basket worth AED 100 consisting of basic foodstuffs such as Rice, Flour, Cooking oil and Pasta. The second basket, which is worth AED 200 will include additional items of dried cereals, fresh juices and other products.

Coming third in the list is Lulu. The hypermarket has set a budget of AED 45 Million allocated towards the price reduction of 2500 food commodities, during the holy month of Ramadan. Lulu announced price cuts on items such as meat, poultry, oil, sugar and juices.
The group announced two food baskets, with the first containing 20 food items including the likes of rice and juices, for AED 120. Whereas, the second basket will include 12 food items worth AED 85.

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