MyVilla – First of its kind online portal to buy-sell-rent villas

Search for your dream villa just got easier with
~ First of its kind online portal for Villa and Houses ~

Middle East, 20th May 2017: As Dubai’s real estate market flourishes, there is a greater need for niche services that are beneficial to both sides of the market. is a shining example of how technology can become a meeting ground in the real estate market. It is the first ever online platform for villas and townhouses that brings buyers, sellers and real estate agents together on a single platform. Buyers will soon be able to sell, buy and rent properties at a click.

The segment of villas and townhouses has seen a sharp decrease in prices which has led to an increase in its demand. As buyers canvas the market for a villa that is uniquely suited to their needs, it can become difficult to arrive at a final choice. The process becomes more complex for people not well versed with the city. Whatever be the case, we can appreciate that it is virtually impossible for them to meet every agent and broker. Consequently, they end up with a purchase that does not reflect the best market offer. aims to bridge this gap by bringing the all the market players onto one portal. The visitors will have the chance to view properties as per their specific requirements and will be able to contact agents and brokers with ease. The online platform will not only benefit the buyers but the sellers and agents as well. The site will not only match the right buyer for their properties but will also assure them of the best possible price.

Sasoon, CEO, says, “Buying any house is a great investment requiring diligence and legwork. A villa or a townhouse can be especially challenging as it has many factors to it, that have to be personalized. aims to create an online marketplace allows people to effortlessly choose a villa that they can call “My Villa”. I have no doubt that the portal will become the definitive space for premium villas and townhouses in Dubai.”

Whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent a villa in Dubai, the portal aims at becoming the ultimate stop offering people a comfortable search experience. Visitors will be able to further refine their search by number of bedrooms, budget and built up area. For those looking at a specific neighborhood, the site also has separate sections to choose from the prime neighborhoods in Dubai.

There are several villas for rent in Dubai as well but finding them is often a laborious process that involves going through several parties and prolonged negotiations. The portal promises to make house hunting woes a thing of the past. A watershed moment in many ways, it has employed technology to bypass the physical labors of looking for the perfect house. At a click, you can view several properties, with 360-degree view videos that give you complete access to the house. Merging the tangible and the intangible, the real estate market is slowly realizing the power of using technology to cut through hours of sweat and effort. exemplifies how the industry must evolve with the times and adopt new and innovative ways.


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