Cinnabon launches exclusive Ramadan Bites Box with new limited-edition date and passionfruit flavours

Cinnabon launches exclusive Ramadan Bites Box with new limited-edition date and passionfruit flavours

The delicious bite-sized treats will make the perfect addition to family gatherings during the holy month

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 15 May 2018: Cravia, the parent company of Cinnabon, Carvel, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Zaatar w Zeit and Five Guys, has announced that Cinnabon will launch an exclusive Ramadan Bites Box to celebrate the holy month with its customers. The seasonal box will feature two limited-edition bites flavours — passionfruit and date — that combine Cinnabon’s signature dough and creamy topping with these two exciting flavours.

Cinnabon’s freshly-baked ‘Date Bites’ feature smooth, tender dough filled to the brim with rich golden date spread and topped with cream-cheese frosting and date pieces, while the ‘Passionfruit Bites’ offer a fruitier option topped with pineapple for an extra tropical twist. Both products are based on Cinnabon’s popular ‘Bites’, which are the ‘babies’ of the brand’s delicious line-up and deliver the cinnamon roll that customers love in one perfect bite.

During the holy month, customers can purchase boxes of the ‘Passionfruit Bites’ and ‘Date Bites’ to share with friends and family or gift to their loved ones, capturing the giving and joyous spirit of Ramadan in the sweetest way possible.

Since 1985, the world’s most famous cinnamon rolls have been delighting fans across the globe. Cravia opened the first UAE Cinnabon outlet in Abu Dhabi in 2001, and the brand has since grown tremendously, expanding to delight fans across the country. Beyond great baked goods, the outlets also offer a refreshing and thirst quenching selection of icy cold beverages, as well as America’s favourite ice cream, Carvel Ice Cream, at selected stores.

About Cravia
Established in 2001 and with headquarters in Dubai, UAE, Cravia owns and operates a number of well-known franchises in the region including Cinnabon, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Carvel in the UAE, Zaatar W Zeit in the UAE, KSA and owns the franchise rights in Bahrain, and Five Guys in KSA, Qatar and Bahrain. In almost two decades the company has grown its footprint in the MENA region, operating 69 restaurants and with more than 2100 employees. Cravia has been recognised through a number of awards for its exceptional franchise operational and management standards. The company was founded by Walid Hajj the Executive Chairman of Cravia, who utilised his experience and vision to transform the company into one of the fastest growing F&B organisations in the GCC.

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