Food Hampers Perfect For Ramadan by Marks & Spencer

Perfect Ramadan Gifts from Marks & Spencer

Beautiful bags and premium baskets filled with treats you know they’ll love.

Ramadan is a time for reflection and celebration, for cherishing family and friends and for showing you care with specially chosen gifts, and this year Marks & Spencer has an impressive range of delicious food hampers to choose from.

Marks & Spencer’s beautifully presented bags and baskets filled with sweet, irresistible treats are guaranteed to delight and surprise during the month of Ramadan. Filled with mouth-watering Cocoa Dusted Liquid Salted Caramels and creamy Dulce De Leche Truffles, The Ultimate Gold Collection is a premium gift and sure to impress loved ones.

For the true chocolate lover the Taste of Switzerland Gift Bag is the sweetest gift to give and is filled with a superior selection of rich and exquisitely wrapped Swiss chocolates, including smooth Swiss Milk Chocolate Disks and a Swiss Extra Fine White Chocolate Mountain Bar.
Marks & Spencer has all you need to make moments extra special this Ramadan and with a stunning selection of hampers filled with the finest handpicked gourmet treats from around the world, these gifts simply are the perfect way to show you care.

Visit your nearest Marks & Spencer store or order online at and use their convenient door-to-door delivery service to surprise family, friends and clients with a special gift and personalised note to make them feel appreciated this Ramadan.

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