Dolphin” A/C Cleaner

AMI introduces “Dolphin” A/C cleaner

UAE made, smart solutions for your vehicle

25thApril 2018, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: “Dolphin”, under the aegis of the Al Muqarram Group, is highlighting itstop-off-the-line vehicle maintenance product -“Dolphin” A/C Cleaner.

Especially developed (three in one formula: cleans – disinfects – refreshes) for simple and instant cleaning process to eliminate bacteria, mould and unwanted odor. AMI has been at the forefront of identifying the needs of its customers and tailoring its products to perfection.The brand“Dolphin”, under the aegis of AMI, has already established itself offering Smart Solutions from UAE in vehicle maintenance and this product is just a part of already impressive product line.


When the heat and humidity begin to overwhelm us, it’s imperative to have your AC up and running at its best. It is to be aware that old and poorly-maintained AC units have been shown as factors in many health conditions, including respiratory conditions. “Dolphin AC cleaner” removes all the bacteria that tends to accumulate in AC system and thoroughly clean the inner system, leaving your car fresh always. Its effect goes beyond cosmetic improvements and keeps the air cool and fresh for a long time.


Over a span of almost two decades, AMI has emerged as a winner in both, the car care segment as well as silicone sealants, adhesives, coatings, tapes and aerosol products including spray paints and anti-rust lubricants. With a dual aim of price stability and quality innovations, AMI has been tireless in their research and development to create quality products in the UAE.


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About AMI:

Al Muqarram Industry (AMI) was incorporated in 2000 year, with the aim to become a leading manufacturer in silicone sealants, adhesives, coatings, tapes and aerosol products as spray paints, anti-rust lubricants and car care products. Today, AMI is renowned for its consistent quality and attention to market requirements in construction and automotive field, for almost two decades now. It has grown from being a humble start-up to becoming market leaders. The firm prides itself on being homegrown as all their products are made in the UAE as opposed to the general convention of using imported products. They invest heavily in research and development to stay ahead of the curve and create products that are specifically designed to cater to the consumer’s specific needs. The company operates in the GCC, Middle East, North, South and Central Africa region, South and Far East Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia, where they have been essential to both commercial and industrial solutions.



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