Union Coop Mosque to Open Early Next Month

Union Coop Mosque to Open Early Next Month


The largest Cooperative in the U.A.E to open a new ‘mosque’ in Al Barsha prior to the holy month of Ramadan

April 22, 2018 – Sunday: Union Coop, the largest Consumer Coop in the UAE – Properties & Project Division announced the completion of its new project, a grand new mosque in AlBarsha 2. The new Mosque, which was built at a total cost of AED 17 million, is expected to open early next month, just before the beginning of the holy month of ‘Ramadan’.

Speaking on the completion of the project, Eng. Madiya Al Marri – Director of Properties & Project Division said, “The new mosque can accommodate more than 1700 worshippers as follows – 1200 worshippers in the main prayer hall, 400 worshippers in the daily hall and 100 worshippers in the women’s hall not to mention the Arcade area and front yard.”

She further explained, “This project is one of the several initiatives of Union Coop, to serve the community in a better way and implement projects that contributes to the welfare of the society.” Speaking about the facilities of the Mosque, she further explains, “The mosque was built on land area of 82,632 sq. ft. and buildup area of 22,030 sq. ft. The mosque offers a parking space for about 160 cars in addition to the parking available in the surrounding area and apart from this; the mosque consists of a main prayer hall, Women’s chapel and library. Additionally, there is a separate housing facility for the Imam and the Muezzin. The mosque includes 42 ablution place and 20 toilets, taking into consideration the provisions in the infrastructure for the people of determination.

Al Marri points out, “The mosque indeed adapts original Islamic style of architecture, which reflects the spiritual side of Islam with modern aesthetics. Huge emphasis was placed on the natural lighting of the mosque which reduces the need of electric lighting during the day. The design and placement of windows are very accurate that ensures equal distribution of natural light (sunlight) throughout the prayer hall. Thanks to the precise design, we received ‘Green Building’ Certificate from Dubai Municipality.”

Speaking about the people who will be benefitting from the new mosque, AL Marri said, “The residents of Al Barsha,visitors of Al Barsha Mall and surrounding areas like Al Barsha health centre, Al Barsha Park and Al Barsha post Office will all benefit from the new mosque.”





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