Brows to brag about with K7L Cosmetics

Brows to brag about with K7L Cosmetics

This spring, master your brow game with a range of exciting eyebrow products available from Kuwaiti cosmetics brand, K7L

Dubai, UAE, April 2018: If eyes are the ‘windows to your soul’ then eyebrows are the curtains. Eyebrow trends come and go and just as we catch up to one trend, another comes around. Before we know it, we’ve already scheduled another appointment with our eyebrow technician for the latest 10 step procedure costing us a week’s salary which promises us the eyebrows of our dreams.

What is often overlooked is the fact that there is no one “perfect brow” shape. Ultimately, the shape of your face will determine the best shape and style for you. Round faces are often more suited to sharp, high arches, while square and rectangular faces should opt for a softer arch.

The volume and variety of eyebrow products on the market is dizzying and it can be hard to know which is the right product for you. K7L, the Kuwaiti cosmetics brand, have a range of eyebrow products available to help you create your dream brow.


AED 73.50
K7L Brow Ink is perfect for creating the “power brow” look, made famous by Lily Collins and Cara Delevigne, acting as a temporary tattoo on your brows. The cleverly angled brushes will help you create a strong arch, creating a strong brow for a bold look.


AED 55.12
Strong brows are not for everyone. This lightweight gel sculpts and holds eyebrows into position while maintaining their natural shape and colour. Eyebrows look instantly fuller and preened for a soft look.


AED 61.25
This creamy gel glides on skin and hair smoothly to create fuller, more defined brows. The smudge-free, waterproof formula will hold the eyebrow shape and last all day. The Brow Define Gel is perfect for those looking for strong and sculpted yet natural brows. Available in four shades to suit every skin tone.


AED 61.24
This pressed powder product shapes and defines brows, giving the appearance of fuller, bolder brows. The soft powder consistency gives a natural finish and coverage can be built up to the level desired. For the ultimate statement brow, use with the brow gel. Available in two shades to suit all skin tones.

Whatever your face shape, skin tone or style, K7L is on hand to help you create the brow of your dreams.

K7L Cosmetics are available online from

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