Edible Gold Ice Cream and lots more at Scoopi Café Come Summer

12th April 2018, Dubai, United Arab Emirates: A little bit of gold hurt no one especially if it’s in the form of ice cream. Scoopi café is delighted to introduce a host of new flavors just in time for the hotter months.

Introducing three new tantalizing flavors for maximum chill and to feast on the very finest made with the best of natural ingredients freshly prepared all in front of you!

Charcoal Ice cream with edible gold shimmer (AED 99)

An unbeatable combination both in taste and look! Carefully created with edible food grade charcoal, lemon and blueberries and topped with gold shimmer for that luxe effect.

Red velvet ice-cream (AED 45)

We have all had our fill of the cakes but imagine it in ice-cream form, drool worthy eh!? Made with organic red color, a dose of Laban (buttermilk) and cocoa powder, all beautifully presented in a charcoal cone and topped off with a drizzle of creamy white chocolate.
Salted caramel ice-cream with chocolate chunks (AED 30)

This preparation combines the two loves of any sweet lover, chocolate and caramel to deliver a truly drool worthy recipe. Made with sea salt, fresh caramel and frozen chocolate chunks for that extra punch.
Bubble Float Sodas (AED 30)

Not a big ice cream fan? Fret not, as there is a bubbly soda option for you. Creators at Scoopi are thrilled to introduce float sodas to the new menu in summer fruit options. Expect flavors of Watermelon and orange, the sodas are lovingly prepared with fresh fruits and Vanilla ice-cream upon your order.


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