Meryem Sarah Uzerli Opens new Jewelry Store at Arabian Center


Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April: Atasay, launched a fabulous new retail outlet at the Arabian Center in Dubai on 14 April 2018. The store was inaugurated by Atasay’s brand ambassador Meryem Uzerli in the presence of senior management from the brand and the Arabian Center.

Commenting on the opening, Meryem Uzerli, said, “I am so happy to be here, and proud to be the face of Atasay, which has a very long and powerful background and heritage. Since Atasay is a very trustworthy and driven brand, I feel comfortable working with them.

I love their creations and have been wearing their jewellery for years now. I am also proud of being able to open Atasay’s first store in this region, which also happens to be one of my favourite cities in the world. “

Offering a range of bespoke gold and diamond jewellery, Atasay features modern, unique, iconic and edgy designs. The new store showcases the extraordinary skills of the Atasay craftsmen, while ensuring the customers are relaxed and comfortable. The store boasts long display bars, a digital mirror screen as well as a consultation lounge for Atasay experts to meet and guide visitors.

Atasay Kamer, present CEO, shared his philosophy; “We at Atasay aim to inspire and encourage our customers to be expressive and wear their own personalise style. With this new opening, we welcome our customers to check our exquisite collection and celebrate their beauty with our latest designs.”

About Atasay:

Atasay, the quality jewellers owned by the same Turkey family since 1937, showcases the latest trends in gold and diamond jewellery to the customer. It has brought together more than 110 million customers world-wide with its superb, award-winning creations and globally employs over 1,000, dedicated artisans, craftsmen and associates. Atasay provides a myriad of selections, which mirrors world-wide trends, and aspires to complement every moment with exquisite accessories. For women who identify themselves with jewellery that reflects their culture, acquire gorgeous pieces that tell a story or simply keep up with the latest trends in fashion, Atasay’s wondrous collection of bespoke items from their collections is unequalled.

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