Swim your way into your next seafood adventure at Manzil Downtown

Swim your way into your next seafood adventure at Manzil Downtown

It’s time to go under the sea with Manzil Downtown! Dive through an array of delicious flavours straight from the ocean floor – red snapper, sea bream, pomfret or prawns, the new seafood nights at Downtown’s hidden gem has it all.

Fresh from our succulent seafood market and straight to your plate, prepared the way you like it, Manzil Downtown brings the city yet another unforgettable evening of delectable culinary delights!

Every Thursday at Boulevard Kitchen, indulge in a vast selection of local and regional seafood. Select your fish from ice trays filled with the freshest catch of the day, let our in-house experts know how you prefer to have it cooked then sit back and relax as each dish is served with the traditional accompaniments of your choice.

Savour seasonal favorites and experience the new culinary vision from the talented team of Manzil Downtown Dubai, who have given a new sea-side effect to the market-style seafood night.

Location: Boulevard Kitchen, Manzil Downtown
Time: Every Thursday, from 7pm to 11pm
Price: AED 295 including unlimited seafood and house beverages; AED 205 including unlimited seafood and soft beverages

For reservation, please call 04 888 3444 or email dine@emaar.com

Manzil Downtown
Located Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard
The Old Town, Downtown Dubai
PO Box 114788, Dubai
United Arab Emirates
Website: http://www.vida-hotels.com/en/manzil/index.aspx


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