Introducing FLOCHAT, UAE’s Local Messenger

Introducing FLOCHAT, UAE’s Local Messenger

Chat, Book, Order, and Transact all within Flochat
Meet FLODA, Flochat’s smart AI who will help with anything

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 10, 2018: Flochat is an evolved messaging app, where you can chat, book, order, transact, browse and share content all within one platform. Flochat allows your conversations to just FLO, with the integration of popular local apps for services like making food orders on Zomato, booking deals on Groupon, scheduling a ride with Careem or Uber, searching for content on Bing and sharing videos with friends on Youtube. Flochat is the future of texting and conversations and will ultimately change how we communicate on our phones.

Flochat has other cool new chat features; such as the EmoGIFS – converting Emojis to GIFs that allows you to animate yourself better, diverse Audio Filters, unlimited Edit and Delete options on sent messages and a revolutionary new selfie feature called Stitch. Stitch allows you to click multiple selfies in one frame using fun filters to showcase your different moods. Stitch fuses your images together to create an expressive new way to share your selfies.

The most popular feature of Flochat is Floda, the cheeky, sarcastic AI that lives in the Flochat world. Floda will help you with anything, from offering information, answering questions, to helping you make bookings to save time. A word of caution though. Floda can get sarcastic at times if not in a good mood.

“We are very excited to have launched FLOCHAT in the UAE. FLOCHAT has revolutionized how we can communicate on a single platform. Communication is central to everything we do in life. We are constantly connected and conversing with each other and we wanted to take this communication to the next level. This is how Flochat was born. Flochat allows you to converse and access your daily service needs within one app. It’s a fun yet practical way to communicate, make and execute plans and in general plan your life on Flochat. We have strategically aligned with a plethora of popular local brands in UAE to ensure that our users will be able to enjoy the services of their favorite apps on Flochat. More well-known partner brands are coming on board in 2018 and users are going to continue to have an amazing experience using Flochat,” commented Zoya Bilgrami, Managing Director of Flochat in UAE.

As one of the top 10 startups voted at STEP Conference 2018, Flochat will be making waves in the messaging world throughout this year. Stay Tuned!

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