The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority is officially launching “Coverage Center”

In line with the International Day of Happiness initiatives

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority is officially launching “Coverage Center” to deliver quality calls to new heights


Dubai, March 20, 2018: As part of its package of initiatives aimed at achieving customer satisfaction, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) today officially launched a “Coverage Center” which provides early detection of the quality of coverage of mobile networks in the UAE. The Center provides a field survey to test, measure, analyze the quality of mobile operator networks in the UAE, and simulate user experience. The launch of “Coverage” is an embodiment of the TRA’s strategy to improve and develop telecommunications services and improve customer satisfaction by continuously improving the quality of services offered in the UAE.

The mechanism of the project based on the development of a smart and innovative technology that works on a survey to test, measure, analyze the quality of the mobile operator networks in the country and simulate the user experience. The smart system is being installed in specially designed vehicles, as well as smart devices for interior areas. After the survey is completed, the system transmits data that has been collected automatically and displays it in a special monitoring room TRA that has been specially constructed for this purpose. In this room (coverage room) analyzing the data of the operators networks and follow up the problems of different networks and solve them as soon as possible in coordination with operators.Network performance reports will be issued and shared with service providers periodically to identify, develop network performance issues and thus improve the services provided to individual, institutional and customers.

H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, Director General of TRA, said: “The launch of a coverage center is part of a series of important initiatives launched by the TRA in order to achieve the ultimate goal of any government action, which is to delight the customers. The UAE is one of the leading countries in the field of telecommunications as the mobile networks in the country of the finest networks compared to developed countries. Mobile coverage is available throughout the country, including developing and interior areas, and even good results in these surveys are not the end of the road. We see it as an incentive to move forward and to maintain the excellent level we have. In addition, strive to reach higher levels and provide excellent telecommunications services to citizens and residents of the UAE.”

Eng. Mohammed Al Saadi, Manager Telecom Networks Operations said: “The TRA has identified a number of keys international standards that assess the quality of the services of the licensees, the most important of which are the quality standards of voice services, data services that include mobile phone coverage, call completion rate, The success rate of creating mobile calls, the rate of call interruption, as well as the quality of voice in mobile networks, to ensure that the service is available.”

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