Kishmish Restaurant Celebrates Afghan New Year

Kishmish Restaurant Celebrates Afghan New Year

19 March, 2018 – Dubai, UAE: In the pursuit of educating foodies across the world about Afghan cuisine and culture, Kishmish will be serving up the celebratory Nowruz meal from 20th to 27th March.

Dubai’s first gourmet Afghan street and soul food restaurant located in Dubai’s Dar Wasl Mall, has curated a New Year’s experience, reminiscent of Kabul nights for patrong, cooking up dishes with the most delectable and delicate flavours of Afghanistan.

Providing a relaxing, enjoyable dining experience in a friendly, family oriented atmosphere, Kishmish promises a fascinating culinary excursion this Nowruz, serving traditional dishes such as the Haft Mewa, which translates to ‘seven fruits’, a New Year fruit medley mixed with a variety of nuts. Another staple gracing the Nowruz table will be the Zamarod Pulao, also known as the ‘Emerald rice’, getting its colour from the spinach stew it is cooked in. Ending the occasion on a sweet note, Kishmish will serve Afghan Halwa, a sweet buttery flour infused with cardamom and topped with crushed almonds.

Ornated in a traditional manner red tulips, the national flower of Afghanistan, will grace the venue. Also displayed will be the Haft Seen (seven S’s), a table laden with seven items symbolising hope, health and prosperity. These include sabzeh (wheat or barley), samanu (sweet pudding), seer (garlic), somaq (mumac fruit), seeb (apple), sekeh (coin), and senjed (wild olives). It is a ritual for those celebrating to gather around the table during the countdown to quietly contemplate, pray, and make resolutions for the New Year. To compliment the occasion, live entertainment will also be provided with a musician playing the Rubab, a lute-like musical instrument popular in the region.

Aiming to revive the identity of Afghanistan, Kishmish provides the same tastes and experiences. Capturing the complexity of aromas and tastes to represent a unique fusion of South, West and Central Asian cuisines; bringing them all together in a gastronomic harmony that is a mirror reflection of Afghanistan’s geographical location. Kishmish strives to provide a relaxing, enjoyable dining experience in a friendly, family oriented atmosphere. Step in and enjoy a traditional Nowruz feast with Kishmish, unleashing a world of aromatic flavours and exciting cooking techniques.
For more information please visit: or call +971 (0) 4 349 6665

Nowruz meals will be served at Kishmish from 20 March to 27 March.

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Notes to Editor
About Kishmish
Based in Dar Al Wasl mall, Jumeirah, Kishmish is a gourmet Afghan eatery that serves up authentic Afghan culinary experiences to the foodies of Dubai. Envisioned by family friends, Fatima, Iman and Homaira, Kishmish tells the tale of three patriotic Afghan women with a shared love for food, nostalgia for home, and a mutual dream: to share the riches and comforts of Afghan food with the world. Serving Afghan soul and street food, Kishmish uses emulates the streets of Kabul with its use of complex spices, authentic flavor profiles and traditional Afghan cooking techniques. The restaurant provides a relaxing, enjoyable dining experience in a friendly, family oriented atmosphere.

Opening Times:
Saturday – Wednesday: 2pm – 10pm
Thursday – Friday: 2pm – 12 am

Further Information:
Seating Capacity: 48 pax
Avg spend per person: AED 110

Contact and Social Media:
Address: Dar Wasl Mall, Al Wasl Road, Al Safa, Dubai
Facebook: kishmishdubai
Instagram: @kishmishdubai

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