Free Entrance for Moms at Emirates Park Zoo

Free Entrance for Moms at Emirates Park Zoo
Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, 19 March, 2018: Emirates Park Zoo is recognizing UAE’s finest mothers as Mother’s Day comes in full bloom. A time that explores the boundaries of wildlife, visitors will reap the benefits of being close to animals with facilities that blends entertainment and education in a bundle.

On 21 March, from 9 am to 3 pm, moms around the country will be treated to a complimentary entrance for a day of new discoveries and unforgettable experiences with the young ones at the leading zoo destination, if accompanied by her child who must be above the age of three. Nature will be brought to life with encounters that brings different spectrums of the animal kingdom in one venue through the zoo tour, petting sessions and educational shows. Enjoy additional experiences that will seal the deal for the visit, including animal feeding, animal encounters and the newly launched breakfast with the parrots.

Savour precious moments with the whole family with a hearty meal at one of the zoo’s lavish dining facilities with specialities spanning from Arabian, Indian and continental-themed menus.

Leading the way towards shaping the future for the women, Emirates Park Zoo and Resort takes pride in distinguishing some of the most inspiring women leaders as the forefront of the facility, continuously driving the facilities’ growth and development through outstanding leadership and expertise.

The zoo operations manager of Emirates Park Zoo, Dr. Waleed Sha’aban said, “Emirates Park Zoo and Resort is composed of a talented team of mothers and female leaders of whom we are proud to have on board. To celebrate Mother’s Day for us means commemorating the hard work and commitment of every mother in our company, as well as all over the country.”

For more information, visit or get in touch by e-mail or call +971-2-5010000


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