LENGLING MUNICH presents Hair Perfumes

LENGLING MUNICH presents Hair Perfumes

Available now at Beautique, Dubai Festival City & Bawabat Al Sharq Mall Abu Dhabi

March 2018 – Munich: LENGLING MUNICH enlarges its existing perfume line by introducing three hair perfumes. In doing so LENGLING MUNICH creates a new way of applying and enjoying the fragrances of Munich’s first perfume-manufactory.

The hair perfumes impart the contrasting yet excitingly harmonious scents of LENGLING MUNICH. Enriched with nourishing ingredients they protect, moisturize and provide silky and shiny hair.
By penetrating the hair roots and working straight to the ends, Panthenol makes the hair more resistant and even improves the condition of damaged hair.

The LENGLING MUNICH hair perfumes are available in the scents of ~el pasajero~, ~in between~ and ~sekushi~.

“We are constantly working on new ways to fascinate fragrance lovers. Our new hair perfumes are pure luxury for your hair.” states Ursula Lengling, who is responsible for fragrance development and design.

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