“DOLPHIN” FIRE STOP Silicon Sealant

“AMI” is the first certified manufacturer of “Fire Stop Silicon Sealant” in the UAE

“DOLPHIN” FIRE STOP Silicon Sealant

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Al Muqarram Industry (AMI), UAE’s leading manufacturer of Silicone sealants, Adhesives, Adhesive Tapes, Coatings, Aerosol products as Spray Paints, Rust Remover and Car Care products, introduces “DOLPHIN” FIRE STOP SILICON SEALANT.

The ultimate line of defense against fire and smoke, this premium quality silicone sealant has been certified by the UAE government, making AMI the first certified silicone sealant manufacturer in the UAE. The latest addition to the range of products under the brand, Dolphin, the sealant offers up to four hours of fire resistance.

As our houses come to rely completely on electricity, fire safety is one hazard that we must prepare for. The “DOLPHIN” FIRE STOP SILICON SEALANT is a single component, neutral cure, gun-grade silicone fire stopping sealant. It is an elastomeric, high performance sealant capable of meeting the joint movement requirements in a fire rated joint. It works well with fiberglass, pipe insulations and cables building too. Firestop helps mitigate disasters caused by fire as it keeps the fire from spreading through joints, be it in construction or the latest DIY project you are undertaking. The sealant works well with both plastic and metal, giving you a clean finish with high-performance utility.

Even a seemingly small step towards securing your pipes and cables with a fire-resistant sealant can be all that stands between an accident and a disaster tomorrow. Bearing the trademark affordability to quality balance, the product is one small step towards ensuring a safer, more secure space for you. “DOLPHIN” FIRE STOP SILICON SEALANT is available in standard caulking cartridges (280ml), packed sausages (600ml) and 200 Liter MS drum.

Website: http://www.muqarram.com

About AMI:
Al Muqarram Industry (AMI) was incorporated in 2000 with the aim to become a leading manufacturer in silicone sealants, adhesives, adhesive tapes, specialty coatings, aerosol products, spray paints, anti-rust lubricants and car care products. Today, AMI is renowned for its consistent quality and attention to market requirements for almost two decades now. It has grown from being a humble start-up to becoming market leaders. The firm prides itself on being homegrown as all their products are made in the UAE as opposed to the general convention of using imported products. They invest heavily in research and development to stay ahead of the curve and create products that are specifically designed to cater to the consumer’s specific needs. The company has a strong presence in the GCC, Middle East, North, South and central Africa region, South and Far East Asia, Eastern Europe and Russia where they have been essential to both commercial and industrial solutions.


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