GymnastX: Fitness First’s New Class in XFit

GymnastX: Fitness First’s New Class in XFit

Looking to improve your strength and fitness in an enjoyable way? Fitness First Middle East, the leading fitness brand in the region, announced the opening of its new class, GymnastX.

XFit GymanstX contains basic gymnastic movements that will help improve your coordination, flexibility, range of motion, strength, and much more!

Gymnastics is the finest sport if you want to develop or improve four basic neurological components: accuracy, agility, balance, and coordination, as well as impressive strength gains without requiring an external load.

In this class, you will be using bodyweight exercises, taking skills from sport of gymnastics and applying them to workouts. The equipments you will be using are parallettes, rings, the floor, dip bars, pull up bars, rope climbing, and other equipments to implement gymnastics training.

You can cause a serious injury if you do not follow basic, strict movements at first. Start of slowly before going in full force. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

GymnastX classes are available at Fitness First, for more details please visit

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