Luxury Reimagined at Al Maha

Luxury Reimagined at Al Maha

Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa has announced completion of an extensive property-wide renovation programme, which focused primarily on uplifting and refurbishing the luxurious timeless desert resort.

Al Maha’s senior management worked closely with Emirates Airline’s Facilities Design team to ensure enhancements which reflect their vision, so that guests can continue to experience the resort’s unique Arabian charm.

Within suite interiors, the bathrooms have received new anti-slip floor tiling, sleek fittings and vanity counters, while swimming pools have an all-new wooden pool deck. Exterior setting upgrades focused on the landscape and poolside areas. The new design also includes subtle improvements such as upgrading the air-conditioning units, improved internal and external wall lighting, additional USB ports and power sockets, easier accessibility to master light switches, bedside telephones and bed-side reading lights, along with improved dedicated ladies’ vanity counters.

Apart from Bedouin-inspired architecture, Al Maha’s interiors have been complimented by ancient Arabian designs, featuring distinctive pieces of antique wooden furniture. These have now been delicately restored to its original charm.

“Our brief was simple – there was no major changes required at the resort. The only changes that were needed, involved refreshing and refurbishing, resulting in a fresher look and enhanced guest experience. We made sure to keep the design elements timeless and true to the essence of Al Maha, and we are glad to have achieved this result” – Facilities Design – Emirates Airline.

Being an eco-friendly resort, Al Maha was quick to bring in more sustainable enhancements by opting for LED lighting, installing solar panels and sewage treatment plants, and sustainable management of water.

“Prior to refurbishment, we received unanimous feedback from our guests – to change nothing as Al Maha is truly remarkable and in essence, timeless. That is why this restoration has been designed to retain what is special and unique about the resort, such as the ambiance, the charm and the heritage of an era gone by. Most of the changes have been made meticulously behind the scenes within the resort, resulting in a completely refreshed look and feel,” comments Patrick Antaki, Complex General Manager.

“We take pride in constantly evolving to keep in step with the needs and expectations of our guests, while preserving our very essence. This exciting refurbishment project is the first of its kind since the resort’s inception eighteen years ago. We are delighted to unveil a fresh and extraordinary guest experience, honouring the fabled sanctuary and Bedouin soul,” says Arne Silvis, General Manager.

The luxury resort sits nestled within a timeless oasis amongst the most exquisite dune and desert landscapes. Styled as a majestic Bedouin encampment, with very distinctive understated luxury elements, the resort is just 45 minutes away from the bustle of Dubai. This secluded hideaway resort offers rare and authentic experiences, with its signature style of superb hospitality, privacy and absolute comfort.



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