Bee Mine
Express Your Nature with Alluring New Bee-Themed
18K Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Designs

Dubai, UAE, 4th March 2018: Vibrant, skillfully hand-finished details tell a beautiful story on PANDORA’s nature-inspired Bee Mine jewellery in PANDORA Shine, a new precious metal in 18k gold-plated sterling silver.

A symbol of power, intricately crafted bees create a buzz on the season’s captivating novelties. The glossy honey colours, black enamel stripes and yellow and clear cubic zirconia stones shine wonderfully on elegant charms, stud earrings and necklace pendants inspired by the geometric structure of honeycombs.

A fresh take on PANDORA’s iconic snake chain bracelet, a contemporary new bracelet design puts a chic spin on any look, featuring a sliding clasp and an innovative mix-and-match end part.

Stack the earrings and make a layered style statement with slender necklace chains, charms and pendants. Complete the style with the gorgeously glowing pieces of the Rays of Sunshine collection.

DO shine bright with designs that ring true to you.


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