Dubai Customs and Union Coop join hands………

Dubai Customs and Union Coop join hands to empower Dubai Customs Workers initiative

Dubai Customs collaborated with Union Coop to organize a noble event that celebrated and recognized the efforts of ‘Dubai Custom Workers’. This event comes in line with the ‘Year of Zayed’ initiative.

Dubai, UAE – February 25, 2018 Wednesday Dubai Customs joined hands with Union Coop to organize a social event for ‘Dubai Customs Workers’ at the Dubai Customs head office. This event focused on celebrating and recognizing workers’ dedication by distributing 250 gifts. This event falls in line with the much-admired ‘Year of Zayed’ initiative.

Mr. Shuaib Al Hammadi’ Marketing Section Manager was honored on behalf of Union Coop, at the event by ‘Mr. Abdullah Al-Aziz Salman’ Senior Manager – Dubai Customs, Port Rashid, acknowledging the kind efforts of Union Coop with respect to the initiative.

Mr. Abdullah Al-Aziz Salman’ said:-”I appreciate the support from Union Coop in making the event a success and would like to thank them for being a part of numerous social events like this in the past as well…”

Advocating his belief in employee empowerment, Mr. Shuaib Al Hammadi added- “Hard Work and Dedication will always be the vertical cornerstones of success, so it is time we appreciate the ones who worked hard with us…”

In addition, present in the event were Mr. Abu Taleb Mohammed, Senior Manager – Customer Service Center, Dubai Customs, Mr. Massoud Al Masoud, The first officer to inspect the Port Rashid Center and Mrs. Fatima Mohammed, Officer of Communication & Social Service – Union Coop and employees/staffs from both entities.

About Dubai Customs
Dubai Customs is one of the leading government departments taking part in enhancing sustainable development and promoting Dubai’s image worldwide, turning it into a principal capital, business and tourism destination, as it facilitates smooth movement of legitimate trade and leverages economic and social development, the matter which is consistent with its slogan stating “gateway to Dubai’s prosperity”, because prosperity is usually based on free trade through a safe, fast and practical environment to meet the needs of people and adapt to their requirements. This in addition to DC’s main role to protect society and borders against those who try to smuggle prohibited substances to or through Dubai threatening the community safety and security

About Union Coop
UNION COOP is registered as a Consumer Cooperative in the Emirate of Dubai, by virtue of the Ministerial Resolution No. 2/31 dated on May 24, 1982, issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs. It is also registered with the federal authorities under No.12 in the records of the Cooperatives Department.

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