Madame Mozhgan thrills audiences with latest haute couture collections

Madame Mozhgan thrills audiences with latest haute couture collections

Dubai, 25th February 2018: The much-anticipated event ended on a high note at the Hana Centre, Dubai on 24th February 2018. The highlight of the fashion show was Madam Mozhgan’s latest wedding dresses and gowns.

The trendy new design innovations clearly made a big impression with the audience comprising of fashion enthusiasts, bloggers, critics, designers and industry experts.

The central theme of the fashion show was based on the old classic fairy tale Cinderella. This was reflected in the show decorations which included a traditional carriage placed strategically at the entrance of the mall and some period costumes. The event also came alive with entertaining dance and music shows.

“Design trends keep changing all the time and hence I was especially excited about this year’s event since it unveiled some exclusive designs that we have been working on for a while now. They really took the fashion enthusiasts by surprise,” said a cheerful Madame Mozhgan.

“These creations are refreshingly different and reflect the latest trends in fashion both regionally and beyond. It gives me immense pleasure to support and fulfill women’s aspirations for new expressions in both wedding and dress styles and other outfits including some sensational gowns.

As one of the most popular showcases of women’s attire our haute couture show gets better each year. I am grateful to both the organizers AG Concept and Hana Centre for making this event a success,” Madame Mozhgan added.

The glitzy, well-planned show represented a fusion of styles and artistic expressions in the presence of a fashion-conscious audience.
The event represented a wonderful opportunity to witness original creations beautifully displayed on the catwalk.

The wedding dresses and evening gowns were clearly a big hit. A truly unique experience!
The fashion show also acted as an inspiration for young designers to join an ever-growing fashion industry and meet both promoters, senior designers and experts face-to-face.


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