The Art Of Tattooing By Berluti

The Art Of Tattooing By Berluti

Like its patinas, Berluti tattoos are an essential element in the brand’s stylistic vocabulary. Perfected by the renowned Olga Berluti in 2003, the tattooing technique is a handcrafted process on the emblematic leather that only a handlful of artisans have mastered.

Known for their bespoke craftsmanship, the house offers its unique tattooing techniques on all Venezia leather products – shoes, handbags, belts and small leather goods. Berluti showcases an impressive selection of tattoo designs based on four key themes: a classic bestiary of insects and animals, signs of the zodiac and Chinese horoscope, vintage patterns and the subtle art of calligraphy. In addition to the catalogue of designs, one can also create their own design.

Staying true to the house’s philosophy of personalization, clients also get to choose the placement of the artwork and the patina over it – a lighter one to bring out the design and a darker one for greater discretion.


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