Farzi Café Makes Mornings Magical with its Signature Breakfast Menu

Farzi Café Makes Mornings Magical with its Signature Breakfast Menu

The Farzi Café Modern Spice Bistro offers a gourmet breakfast experience, including local delicacies and international favourites, with a Farzi twist in a stylish location in City Walk.

Dubai, UAE (February 18, 2018) – They say “happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast” but at Farzi Café, Dubai, there’s happiness in every meal. From table theatrics and molecular gastronomy to the artistic and innovative presentation of each dish and beverage, there’s no better way to start the morning than with a breakfast at Farzi Café in City Walk, Dubai.

Farzi Café is best described as a gourmet experience that amalgamates traditional global classics and influences with local dishes, a boutique ambiance, and a stylish location. Farzi Café is a quirky, chic, modern spice bistro, where guests enjoy a sensory dining experience through the finest modern cuisine and molecular gastronomy, and once you’ve been #Farzified it’s easy to understand why. Dishes are prepared using the latest culinary techniques while also incorporating the latest food trends for both local and international palates, and served with a Farzi twist.

Delicious Morning Meals
The breakfast at Farzi Cafe is enough of a reason to get out of bed on a Friday morning or to take a well-deserved mid-week lounge. Every day from 10am until 12pm, Farzi Café serves flavorful and delicious global breakfast delicacies as well as local favorites, such as the Baked Egg Shakshuka artistically presented in its own pan, or the stylishly adorned or Lemon Quinoa with tempered asparagus.

The Sesame Crusted Airy Luqaimat served with Karak Chai ice-cream, as well as the Saffron Infused Balaleet Almond Omelette have proved guest favorites, and for a true morning indulgence, the French Toast Jenga with Nutella, coffee cream, and fresh berries is a dream start to any day.
Thirst Quenchers
It’s not just the exclusive dishes on the breakfast menu, but also the drinks that add a refreshing twist to your morning. From specialized and distinctive home-made Karak Chai steeped in local flavours, to the signature bantas like Ginger Orange Melody, made of ginger, cumin and mandarin, and the zesty Hara Apple with lime, elderflower & Granny Smith apples, the refreshing beverages on the specially curated breakfast menu are designed to complement your meal and complete your morning.

Other extravagant options such as the Irish Haze, which combines vanilla, coffee, and hazelnut for that extra morning boost, the overflowing Popcorn Coke, or the Bootlegger served in a cloud of dry ice in a glass boot, ensure dining at Farzi Café can be an enthralling experience at any time of the day. The indulgent signature breakfast menu with a selection of refreshing and innovative beverages, table theatrics, and boutique modernist cuisine serving local and international breakfast delicacies with a Farzi twist, ensures “happiness is just a leisurely breakfast” in City Walk at Farzi Café.

Reservation Details
For reservations at Farzi Café, please call +971 4 3942556 / +971 52 689 2012 or email reservations@farzicafe.ae.

Opening Hours
Saturday to Wednesday: 10am to 12am
Thursday to Friday: 10am to 1am

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About Farzi Café
Known for its modernized presentation of dishes and elegant décor, Farzi Café is best described as a gourmet experience that amalgamates traditional global classics and influences with local dishes, a boutique ambiance, and a stylish location. ‘Farzi’ can have many connotations but at Farzi Café it has just one, “creating an illusion” with its cuisine. Farzi Café presents local and international cuisine where culinary art meets cooking techniques like molecular gastronomy, to absorb the guest into the ultimate gastronomic illusion. Incorporating the use of high quality, fresh ingredients and offering its adaptation of some iconic dishes from around the world, Farzi Café offers a quirky, yet chic, bistro experience for patrons to enjoy the finest of modern day cuisine. While the cuisine served at Farzi Café speaks for itself, it aims to redefine the culinary map of India as well as the Arabian Peninsula, seamlessly amalgamating the cultures of both, and offering an enchanting exploration of taste. The dining and hospitality offered to guests is showcased through the restrained elegance and refinement of the chic interiors and naturally lit spaces. Indulgent moments at Farzi Café allow diners to experience the pinnacle of modern hospitality combined with the finest international and local cuisine with a Farzi twist. Offering a unique, high energy, modernist and genre defining dining experience, Farzi Café is located in City Walk, Dubai and is open from 10am to 12am, Saturday through Wednesday and 10am to 1am, Thursday and Friday.

Farzi Café on Social
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/farzicafedubai/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FarziCafeDubai/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/farzicafedubai

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