Middle East Fuji LLC exhibits the Gold medalist of Japanese branded “Kobe Beef” at Gulf Food

Middle East Fuji LLC exhibits the Gold medalist of Japanese branded “Kobe Beef” at Gulf Food
Kobe beef sales have risen 500% in UAE during 2017 and are expected to increase 300% in 2018

Dubai, 14th February 2018: Soft, Velvety, Buttery, Melt-in-your-mouth Kobe beef has inspired the world’s most talented and skillful of chefs to create unforgettable gourmet experiences to perfection and this year Middle East Fuji LLC, one of UAE’s leading one stop shop service provider for all marine needs, food concepts and ingredients from Japan and Far East to the region is participating at the Gulf Food Exhibition to showcase the highest genuine quality branded Japanese Kobe Beef with an original Japanese chef who will prepare authentic Kobe beef tasting at Hall 3 and Stand B3-2.

On its 23rd edition, the highly anticipated trade exhibition will run for five days, 18th till 22nd February at the Dubai World Trade Centre to bring together a series of insights, activities, excellence and creativity within the global food and drink industry. Mr. Ryusaku Hayashi – Managing Director, Middle East Fuji LLC said:“Kobe beef sales have risen 500% in UAE during 2017 and are also expected to increase 300% in 2018. We believe the number could triple in 2018 as demand for the beef rises”.

Middle East Fuji has achieved 500 percent sales growth in terms of its distribution of premium Japanese Kobe beef in the UAE in 2017 compared to 2016, according to figures by managing director Ryusaku Hayashi. While the firm imported only one carcass of Kobe beef to the UAE in 2016, it brought five whole carcasses to the country in 2017. Hayashi believes the number could triple in 2018 as demand for the beef rises. It currently retails at an average $462 (AED1,700) per kilogram.

“We are now targeting to achieve 300% of our 2017 figures in 2018 and then further double it in 2019.  It is of course an ambitious target, but we believe it is achievable as we continue to strengthen and grow awareness of our highest genuine halal quality Japanese Kobe beef at leading sector events such as Gulf Food. For now, the firm is working on raising awareness on the health benefits of Kobe beef, which will simultaneously increase demand in the region. As the product is premium and niche, Middle East Fuji is limiting its offerings to high end specialty restaurant and direct VIP customers.”

Saeed Al Malik, President and CEO, Middle East Fuji, LLC said, “Our strongest markets for Kobe beef in the region are the UAE and Oman. We plan to venture into Saudi Arabia very soon. Middle East Fuji LLC has been growing in the Middle East industry for past 3 decades. Since the time we established ourselves, we have cultivated good relationships with our partners and stakeholders while ensuring the highest premium halal quality kobe beef to our customers.”
Located in the heart of Downtown Dubai, Kohantei is the UAE’s only Japanese fine dining ‘Kaiseki’ experience and one of Middle East Fuji’s largest customers of Kobe Beef. Spokesperson Chef Ueda testified, “If there were an Olympic Games of beef, Middle East Fuji’s supply of Kobe Wagyu beef would be the run-away gold medalist as the best beef in the world.”

About Kobe Beef
Kobe Beef is Japanese genuine and real Wagu (Japanese cows) beef made under Japanese law, and is currently the highest quality halal meat distributed by Middle East Fuji LLC in the UAE.The meat is a delicacy renowned for its flavor, tenderness, and fatty, well-marbled texture. Kobe beef can be prepared as steak, sukiyaki, shabushabu, sashimi, and teppanyaki which make it one of the best top brands. “Wagyu” or Japanese cows are divided into four breeds – Japanese Black, Japanese Brown, Japanese Poll, and Japanese Shorthorn. Tajima-gyu cows from which Kobe beef comes from belong to the Japanese Black breed. From 7000 Tajima-gyu cattle only about 5000 of these cattle are certified as Kobe beef. Wagyu cows are fed a highly nutritious mix of grass and grain. Also, the Kobe beef cows do not receive any unnecessary anti-biotic or other injections. They are some of the first “natural” athletes in the world.Traditionally, Japanese farmers massaged their herds to release stress and muscle soreness, and that continues today.

About Middle East Fuji LLC

Middle East Fuji Group (MEF) provides great food ingredients and amazing ideas to customers in the Middle East Region for past 25 years. MEF is the first and only company to import Halal Certified Kobe beef, the most premium beef in the world in UAE and ME region. MEF import niche Oriental food items to the region, especially from Japan and Thailand and distribute in the region. MEF work with the farms, manufactures and our customers and involve in introducing new products to the region. Providing the best supply and import solutions to the premium hotels in UAE, MEF stay ahead of competition and work with the best chefs to excite food lovers with the very best in the world. Please visit http://www.mef.ae or
http://www.fujitrading.co.jp for further details.

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