New-to-market all-natural sports nutrition brand, Pure, launching in Dubai

New-to-market all-natural sports nutrition brand set to make gains in Dubai for peak performance both pre-, post- and during workout

UAE, Dubai, 14 February 2018: It’s been fueling clean fitness performance in New Zealand since 2013 and now Pure Sports Nutrition – a line of nutritional products that together comprise the cleanest performance system available in the region – is all set to launch in Dubai.

Crafted from only the best natural ingredients with no added colors, flavors or preservatives, Pure Sports Nutrition is formulated to ensure peak performance before, during and after a workout or fitness event. Products range from hydration products and natural beetroot and blackcurrant powders to post-workout recovery drinks jam-packed with essential electrolytes, as well as muscle-nourishing protein powders made from the milk of New Zealand grass-fed cows for a 360-degree approach to sports nutrition.

One of the official sponsors of this weekend’s Middle East Open & Junior Championships sponsored by Jumeirah Living, Pure will be making its debut at the event, which is the biggest competition of its kind held in Dubai. With 2 Olympians and multiple junior internationals competing, it makes for the perfect background for Pure’s endurance-led products.

Renowned for catering to some of the best athletes and teams in the world – including the New Zealand All Blacks, New Zealand 7s as well as a number of the country’s Olympic teams – Pure Sports Nutrition is all about the quality of ingredients which are all governed by WADA – the World Anti-doping Authority.

As such, you know what you are getting is exactly what it says on the package.
‘Most sports nutrition products are way too sweet, hard to drink or are full of fake stuff. We wanted something natural and clean for when we exercise, and our PURE Sports Nutrition range was born,” said CEO Simon Kraak. “Pure Sports Nutrition is designed for those who pursue peak performance while exercising, be it regular recreational users, endurance athletes, Cross Fitters or weekend warriors.”

Pure Sports Nutrition products include:

Pure Exercise Recover y, 200 AED
A premium natural drink designed for consumption directly after exercise, Pure Exercise Recovery is simply made from raw organic cacao power, natural milk proteins and New Zealand organic honey. Designed to optimize those fitness gains made during exercise, consume within 30 minutes of exercise to help build and repair muscle, re-hydrate and replace the electrolytes lost through all that sweating.

Pure Endurance Hydration, 175 AED
Scientifically formulated to rehydrate and replenish your body during exercise of two hours more, this mix of whey protein, carbohydrates and essential electrolytes (think sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium) means your body can absorb sucrose and glucose much faster than normal, while electrolytes work to both support and balance muscle. Available in lemon and raspberry and made from 100% natural freeze-dried fruit, it’s light on the taste palette too.

Pure Electrolyte Hydration, 160 AED
A premium sports drink made for use during exercise, enjoy real fruits, carbs and electrolytes to rehydrate your body while sweating it out in the gym. Available in raspberry, lemon, superfruits, pineapple, this is all about fuel and hydration.

Beet Endurance, 150 AED
The perfect pre-race concoction, Beet Endurance contains high amounts of naturally-occurring nitrates which assist with improving power and endurance in athletes. Take in the days leading up to an event for increased performance over both high and low endurance events.
Whey Protein Concentrate, 200AED
Made from premium quality 82% whey protein concentrate from the milk of grass-fed New Zealand cows, Pure’s Whey Protein Concentrate is blended with organic raw cacao or organic Heilala vanilla beans plus all-natural stevia for sweetness. Formulated to provide your body with the correct amount of protein for optimum muscle building and repair, it also supports energy levels and weight control.

You can view all pure products online at


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