New flavors and ancient heritage reflect Chinese New Year celebration at P.F. Chang’s

New flavors and ancient heritage reflect Chinese New Year celebration at P.F. Chang’s

United Arab Emirates, 13 February 2018: Presenting culinary creations celebrating essence of life, family & food, P.F. Chang’s celebrates Chinese New Year this year by introducing a special line up of limited-time menu items.

Prepared using a 2,000-year-old Asian tradition of wok cooking as the center of the guest experience; the freshness of Chang’s scratch kitchen comes to life with the power of a fiery wok, one of the purest form of cooking.

The intense 450-degree heat cooks food in a matter of seconds, retaining its nutritional value and flavor. Our unique smoky, caramelized flavors and crispy texture can only be achieved using this age-old traditional technique.

“These dishes offer our guests a refreshing, modern take on Chinese New Year traditions that are passed from generation to generation to bring luck,” said P.F. Chang’s founder Phillip Chiang. “We want to celebrate our authentic Chinese heritage with our guests and wish them all the best as we welcome this year.”

Chinese New Year is the most important celebration of the year in Asian culture, and the tradition includes eating symbolic foods associated with luck. At P.F. Chang’s, special chef-created entrees, offered through February during the month-long celebration, come from a variety of Asian regions and include:

Tempura Calamari & Vegetables – Eating fish is associated with prosperity in Chinese New Year tradition, and this crispy medley of calamari, bell pepper, baby spinach and carrots is served alongside delicious sriracha honey dipping sauce.

Red Curry Chicken – With a name that suggests celebrations and incorporates the tradition of eating chicken to symbolize prosperity, togetherness of the family and joy, this entree features tender slices of chicken with rustic vegetables and Asian mushrooms all tossed in our signature red curry sauce.

Spicy Chengou Beef – A satisfying dish to feed your craving! Richly spiced, marinated beef, tossed with cumin, mint, tomatoes and yellow onions indicates a positive start into the New Year.
General TSO’s Shrimp – The favorite dish of the 19th Century General Tso Tsung T’ang is thought to bring happiness and good fortune, shrimp are the star of this dish and is user to please your palate.



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