Mon Palais_Azizi Investments_To reach USD 14 million by 2018……

Interior Design Firm Mon Palais sees market success with 233.3% revenue growth and orders expected to reach  USD 14 million by 2018 and USD 33 million by 2019

Propelled by the upward growth trend of the UAE’s design market, many companies in the design and fit-out industry are inspiring to stir creative ideas, implement technological advancements in the design landscape, and ride the tide of ingenuity when it comes to satisfying the clients.

Leading interior design and fit-out company Mon Palais is seeing market favour for its lifestyle-based approach to interior design. The company, founded in 2017 to offer creativity, innovation and sustainability in interior design, is poised for 233.3% revenue growth – with its order book expected to reach USD 14 million by 2018 and USD 33 million by 2019.

The firm, which counts the likes of Azizi Investments with client database that ranges from developers, consultants, investors and entrepreneurs; seeks to appeal to design enthusiasts as well as the end users who inhabit the spaces it creates.

The brand’s ethos is to emphasise sophistication and elegance while designing sustainable solutions. The Mon Palais approach is typified by an attention to detail, clean aesthetics, and an uncluttered approach that maximises the feeling of space.

“Our founding philosophy was to do things differently, and with sophistication. We wanted to first understand client tastes and preferences before wandering the paths of creativity and innovation to deliver spaces that redefine how people live, play, entertain and interact. While we put our client preferences front and centre, we’re also constantly looking to curate spaces that end users will enjoy being in,” says Eng. Raed Zuraiki, General Manager, Mon Palais.

With a slew of projects already under its belt, Mon Palais is now looking to expand regionwide in the GCC. “We’ve set ambitious goals for ourselves. On the design front, we want to continue crafting memorable interiors in collaboration with our clients. When it comes to business objectives, Mon Palais wants to be in the top five interior design and fit out companies in the UAE by the end of 2018. Our eventual vision is to be the de facto interior design leader in the GCC while creating a legacy of inspiring spaces that enrich the human experience while safeguarding the environment,” Zuraiki concludes.

Mon Palais is a leading interior designing and fit out company based in Dubai with operations all across the UAE. At Mon Palais, it is all about discovering the designer within its clients. With their personal tastes and preferences as our highest priority, we lend our ears and our time, letting our minds wander the path of creativity and innovation, ultimately providing the best solutions in concepts and designs. With a broad insight and perspective of the various diverse organizations within different sectors, Mon Palais has the agility, versatility, and the capability of being adaptable and flexible to numerous wishes and requests, whatever they me be. We strongly believe in more than just the ordinary business client relationship. We believe in developing genuine partnerships that helps elevate the brand to fully understand the many kinds of lifestyle requirements, in turn providing the perfect turn-key solutions.

Each one of our creations is a reflection of our client’s personality. We create successful and impressive designs through our exacting attention to detail, an empathetic understanding of our client’s tastes and ambitions, and a precise awareness of timescale and budget. After taking everything into account, we produce results which are not only beautifully designed but of a quality that will sustain throughout the years – complete satisfaction. Rough design and creating a positive environment and visitor experience, we always strive hard to achieve and exceed our client’s expectations and business objectives.

For more information on the brand; below is an access to SM PLatforms

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