Union Coop receives 361 families daily to benefit from Subsidized Food Commodities

Adopted by Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation
Union Coop receives 361 families daily to benefit from Subsidized Food Commodities

Dubai, UAE, 4th February, 2018: The total number of registered households benefiting from the Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation’s Subsidized Foods Initiative has reached 46,658 families. Organized in cooperation with Union Coop, the largest cooperative in the UAE, the initiative aims to provide affordable commodities to low-income citizens.

“Union Coop recorded around 129,970 Transactions in 2017 to beneficiary families, an average of 361 families per day, throughout the Union’s five branches. Union Coop is keen to contribute with government entities to provide subsidized Commodities through their outlets to implement and crystallize its Corporate Social Responsibility,” Said Mr. Suhail Al Bastaki, Director of the Happiness and Marketing Department.

Al Bastaki then pointed out that Union Coop also provides the logistical support needed to distribute the subsidized Commodities through its outlets. He then explained that the Union Coop support is by providing display and storage areas for the Commodities, alongside the required staff to carry out sales. It is also noteworthy that Union Coop is the sole supporter of subsidized Commodities and receives no material return.

“The initiative comes to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters in accordance with the highest quality standards. It also comes in line with our commitment to meet their needs and improve our services. This is based on the values of our corporate social responsibility to provide the highest standards of services,” Added Al Bastaki.

Al Bastaki also noted: “Our Umm Suqeim, Al Rashidiya, Al Barsha, Al Hamriyah and Al Aweer branches are all providing subsidized basic daily consumer commodities to help beneficiary national families across Dubai”.


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