SLAB: Serving an Epicurean’s Dream

SLAB: Serving an Epicurean’s Dream
Presenting a culinary journey that celebrates the simplicity of life

Located in La Mer, the newest Dubai beach-front community, SLAB goes far beyond your social eatery. Inspired by the idea of celebrating the simplicity of food and the fresh produce, SLAB boasts of an artisanal cuisine that is tempting to both eyes and taste-buds.

In a relaxed, fun ambience, SLAB aims to expose guests to the seemingly infinite world of refined food palettes. Launched under the creative direction of Fadi Al-Said, his vision of SLAB was brought to life by Head Chef Omar Rodriguez and Culinary Consultant, Chef Thomas Reger. Explaining the concept, Al-Said explains, “I wanted our food to emphasize on farm-fresh ingredients, along with the most flavourful palette. Our goal was to design an unforgettable meal in a simple space with an energy that makes you cherish the little things that form a bigger picture and would encourage our guests to relax and socialize.”

Chef Thomas, the culinary genius behind Dinner Time Stories, State 88 and Intersect by Lexus, joined SLAB in the early stages of its conception as a Consultant. He has extensive experience in creating food concepts that showcase the perfect symphony of ingredients and flavours. Expanding on his involvement and on curating the menu, he says “It’s been fantastic working with the team at SLAB. We’ve worked hard on creating every dish to be a true representation of its ingredients- bringing together the flavour of every ingredient to complement the other in every bite.”

The bespoke menu created for SLAB offers something from all around the world but remains cohesive in giving guests an authentic culinary experience. Offering a little something for everyone, SLAB’s food concept is entirely based on its ingredients that have been hand-selected and perfectly paired to produce the richest flavours and freshest tastes. Whether it is the 12-hour slow-cooked fragrant chicken in their signature West Bank Pita or The Vegetarian’s fusing zest of goat cheese with roasted rooted vegetables and walnut butter, the eatery promises a distinctive experience.

Head Chef Omar Rodriguez joined the eatery shortly after the soft opening in January 2018. Bringing along his years of experience and lifetime of passion for food, Rodriguez says, “I’m thrilled to continue pursuing my appreciation for great food. With SLAB, we look forward to serving guests with our simple, high-quality food.”

Focusing on providing the best Tartines in Dubai, all of SLAB’s sandwiches are made using house-baked bread. Understanding the importance of gluten-free options, SLAB offers Mains, similar to their Tartines, that are served in larger portions without the bread. Mains include a slow-cooked tender Duck Confit; Organic Salmon Fillet topped with avocado puree and pickled cucumber; Dukkah Fried Chicken inspired by Al-Said’s home country, Jordan; and Beef Tataki that will melt in your mouth.

The menu also promises a fantastic start to the day with its many breakfast options that include an enticing take on a traditional Spanish omelette with golden pumpkins and parmesan, and oven roasted Honey Glazed Figs served light ricotta cheese. The restaurant’s dessert menu features a delicious Dark Chocolate Bar that is served with peanut ice cream and salted caramel sauce and an Arab-inspired Mafroukeh Cheesecake.
Location: North Side, La Mer
Telephone: +971 4 298 8899
Opening times: 10am to 12am everyday
Instagram: @weareSLAB


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