Nirvana Travel & Tourism’s Unveils New Luxury Bus Which Is As Good As Flying

Nirvana Travel & Tourism’s Unveils New Luxury Bus Which Is As Good As Flying

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates  January, 2018: Nirvana Travel & Tourism is changing people’s perception of road travel by offering for the first time ever in the UAE, the chance to reclaim their time by merging transportation and luxury hospitality with the launch of its newest, and plushest Luxury Bus.

As on an airplane’s first-class category, this custom-designed hotel on wheels houses 26, lofty leather, single-seats. The bus boasts hotel-like amenities which includes a 360-degree air conditioner facility for beating the unrelenting summer sun, CCTV equipment, LED mood lighting, high-speed WiFi, personalized marble topped electrical stations replete with additional USB ports, reading lights, a refrigerator, automatic folding tables, and a plush fitting room that does not compromise on space.

There’s also morning espresso, evening tea, and cold beverages available for guests at all time.
What’s more? Travellers can revel in some mid-travel rejuvenation with the seat’s built-in air massage facility. Place your feet on the retractable footrests, lean back on the adjustable, reclining chairs, and indulge in massages that eases the stress away.
Commenting on its luxury bus, a spokesperson of Nirvana Travel and Tourism said, “The only way to change user behaviour is when you engage the customer with the best of travel, comfort, service, interior design, and hospitality. As a leader of innovation, we are finally lifting the curtains on the luxury bus, a product that has years of conceptualization behind it. We are optimistic about guests’ reaction towards the bus, which has also been identified as the future of road travel and the pioneer of next-level luxury transportation”.
This is not your ordinary bus and Nirvana Travel & Tourism invites the capital to experience for the first time ever, one of UAE’s technological marvels while moving about the country. All the luxuriant amenities have been incorporated to provide a holistic, and personalized experience for guests of the bus.
For more information, email or call +971 2 6277997.


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