GCC’s premium lifestyle revamped and redefined with LG SIGNATURE

GCC’s premium lifestyle revamped and redefined with LG SIGNATURE

LG’s first ultra-premium brand continues to earn rave reviews with LG SIGNATURE brand ambassador Hala Kazim and othereminent local consumers


DUBAI,21stJanuary 2018–Increase in purchasing power and improving lifestyles are fostering the demand for smart home appliances around the world, especially across the GCC, where the residents embrace a premium standard of living making it a way of life for many.

With the GCC being well-known for always taking a prominent role on the world stage and with the resilient dynamics of the region are all set to accentuate the luxury goods segment, the region has all the attributes to be well-known for not only luxury consumption but also luxury creation. In light of this demand, theLG SIGNATURE – LG’s first ultra-premium brand has been gathering rave reviews and over whelming response from the local consumers.

Designed to highlight elegance and sophistication and while complementing the lavish lifestyles of GCC consumers, the ultra-premium range of home appliances has beenpraised and highly appreciated by Hala Kazim – highly respected and admired Emirati life coach, businesswoman and the Brand Ambassador for LG SIGNATURE.

Continuing the journey with LG SIGNATURE has garnered interest from the premium lifestyle seeking consumers, at the latest Journey Through Change Reunion hosted by Hala. Journey Through Change is an inspirational program set up Hala to positively make an impact in people’s lives. The reunion event with Hala and LG SIGNATURE was attended by over 200 Arab women celebrating the achievements of empowering change and witnessing a premium lifestyle experience with the LG SIGNATURE products. Some of the attendees were already experiencing the LG SIGNATURE lifestyle and shared enriching experiences.

“The LG SIGNATURE was the best fit at my event, where people come to experience the best of what life has to offer. LG SIGNATURE is a revolutionary brand with the most beautifully designed home entertainment and appliances,” said Hala Kazim, LG SIGNATURE Brand Ambassador and Social Entrepreneur.

“These products not only compliment the interior of any room they are placed in, but also work flawlessly to enhance each user’s experience. LG SIGNATURE resonates with modern Emirati and Middle Eastern culture and I am extremely proud to be the woman that LG selected to represent this global brand to a region filled with enthusiastic homemakers that focus on having the best products and experiences for their family and friends”, added Hala.

From conception to the final user experience, the LG SIGNATURE products have been designed to highlight true essence – focusing on each product’s basic yet efficient functionality whilst maintaining the brand’s modern, premium and artistic signature design.

“The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV is simply breathtaking and is not just a decorative masterpiece for my home, but something that garners everyone’s attention as soon as they go near it,” said SalwanAl Shaibani, a self-accomplished woman entrepreneur, Emirati Homemaker and LG SIGNATURE OLED TV Owner. “What attracted me to the television was its beautiful and bright colors.However what convinced me to purchase the TV was its look and feel – a TV that I had never seen – thinner than my smartphone. It was a product that clearly defined technological expertise and an immersive viewing experience. I am very happy that it was a great investment made to enhance my living room experience, making it come alive, giving everyone at home the opportunity to experience a movie or a TV show with such rich and vibrant colors and sound making you feel like you are actually a part of what you are watching.”

LG SIGNATURE products highlight the true extent of LG’s innovation leadership and the company’s passion for consumer-centric insights that drive the evolution of life. Leading experts have carefully created the exquisite products by undergoing a strict in-depth evaluation process to make every product feel like an extension of every individual to help them create some exceptional experiences.


The innovative and exquisitely designed LG SIGNATURE family consists of four products. This includes the world’s thinnest and stunning OLED television, which takes the immersive viewing and listening experience to the next level; a sleek refrigerator with a beautiful InstaView™ Door-in-Door feature to keep food fresher; a bold new black stainless-steel washer and white all-in-one washer/dryer unit, and an intuitive Air Purifier designed to filter the air in any home in any environment in order to protect your family from pollutants and allergens in the air.


The LG SIGNATURE range of products can be purchased at the LG brand stores and prominent electronic retailers in the UAE and across the GCC.To know more about LG SIGNATURE Products, please visit – www.lg.com/ae/lg-signature


About LG Electronics Middle East & Africa Regional Headquarters

LG Electronics Middle East & Africa (MEA) is the regional headquarters for LG Electronics based in Dubai responsible for the vast area from Western Sahara to Pakistan and from Turkey to South Africa. The MEA headquarters oversees operations in 23 countries comprised of 12 subsidiaries, 11 branch offices and 3 manufacturing facilities, covering sales across 35 countries. Employing more than 2,000 local workers, LG’s MEA headquarters is the hub for strategic governance of the company’s business in the region and provides support to country offices in the areas of marketing, human resources, training and procurement, among others.



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